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Climate change: why I don't go along with all that hot air in Bali

OFF to Bali the week after next? Me neither. Truth is, I wasn't invited. Nor do I suspect were very many other people invited who don't subscribe to the climate change "consensus". (How can you have a consensus that people don't go along with?)


RTÉ's credibility - Broadcaster has questions to answer

RTÉ HAS earned and enjoys a privileged position. It has informed and entertained us and it has helped us to reach decisions that have shaped our society.


French lessons - Government can learn from Sarkozy

TIME WAS one of the great questions of the day was "Why is America not socialist?" The European left just could not understand, and in hindsight they might have been unnerved by, why the pre-eminent industrial society was capitalism's greatest champion.



Rip-off restaurants set for festive bonanza

SINCE the Celtic Tiger, and latterly the smoking ban, more and more people are opting for a meal out with partner or friends as an alternative to a night in the pub. The attraction of meal in a nice restaurant is having good conversation, food and wine in a relaxed, comfortable environment.


Club before county: old winning formula is best

THE strike called by the Gaelic Players' Association presents the GAA with a unique opportunity of reverting to its roots.


Hard times for leader paid more than Bush

HAVING been reduced to tears by the Taoiseach's famous interview with Brian Dobson on RTÉ news last year, I pity Bertie Ahern having to exist on a mere €310,000 annual salary (plus expenses, driver, jet, make-up, etc) which he has been forced to accept.


GAA built by unpaid volunteers

MY work for the GAA includes coaching, attending meetings, scheduling games, booking fields, organising officials and marketing the games to new audiences. The time taken in the evenings and all of Sunday is considerable; there is no pay and I don't always claim expenses back.


Voice of Broadway

ROBERT GOULET, who died recently, must have sung If Ever I Would Leave You (from Camelot) at least 1,000 times. He had a rich baritone voice so perfect for the Broadway stage and it's a shame he didn't stick with Broadway to the end. He never quite 'made it' and was mired in some really bad TV and movie ventures. But fans of this talented man will always remember him for his magnificent voice and bemoan the fact he has left us all too soon.