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Treatment purchase fund - Obstruction of scheme intolerable

AT a time when efforts are being made to overhaul Ireland's creaking health service, it is outrageous but perhaps not surprising that a number of consultants and hospitals are obstructing the treatment of patients under the National Treatment Purchase Fund (NTPF).


Sexual assault units - Government must allocate proper funds

DESPITE the fact that rape and violence against women are on the increase in Ireland, three of the country's four sexual assault treatment units are in danger of closing due to lack of Government funding.


Special Olympics changed attitudes but there's still much more to do

I TRAVELLED a bit of the country over the weekend, accompanying the Special Olympics torch run. It's an event that has been on the go for a good many years now.



Adult stem cell research acceptable

I COMMEND the Irish Catholic Bishops for condemning the decision of the European Union to approve tax spending on embryonic stem-cell research.


A taste of good old Irish hospitality

ON May 29 I arrived in Cork following a transatlantic voyage on the Queen Mary. I had always wanted to see the beauty of Ireland and had heard of the kindness and generosity of its people.


US uses more than mere 'arm-twisting'

BILL HURLEY, Lt Col, US Marine Corps (retd) describes the CIA rendition through Shannon as just a bit of 'arm-twisting' and suggests this type of torture is OK (Irish Examiner letters, June 13). He is much too selective with his facts.


Wars disguise the real motives for US interest

I TAKE exception to the letter from Lt Col Bill Hurley, formerly of the US Marines (Irish Examiner, June 13).


Nuclear facts needed

THE call from the Oireachtas joint committee on Communications, Marine and Natural Resources for a public debate on nuclear energy is to be welcomed.