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Resist the temptation to hold yourself back in what is "steady" or "safe". Be prepared to think outside of the box even if you ultimately decide to never leave your box! It is so important that you give yourself options. No one else will!


Feeling that your home could do with an extreme makeover? Don’t call a design team just clear some clutter. You will discover aspects to your home that you had forgotten. Start with your personal space and work from there.


When you see the results of someone’s great efforts, all you can say is "awesome". Know that that "thank you" is clear enough and is exactly the response hoped for. At home, emphasise the "one for all and all for one" philosophy.


Everything seems to be urgent at the moment. Demands are coming fast and furious but it is up to you to determine what you will put on project status. Beneath the waves you will find the source of the storm. Look beyond the surface.


This is a day to listen to the experts. Avoid getting in over your head and presume that you have a lot to learn. Maintaining an open mind will make you more effective, especially when there is a time limit. Don’t allow pressure to cause you to panic.


Recognise that in certain circumstances, there may be nothing you can do. Walk away if you need to. You are a survivor and you can afford to trust your instincts. At work, you stand out from the crowd. You are resilient in stressful situations.


You could never be seen as a victim. Your past experiences stand to you and even in a crisis, you can keep a cool head. That said, you are human and you may have a tendency to take your tensions out on loved ones. Be aware of this and avoid it.


It is time to develop a new response to an old circumstance. Let go of stereotypical behaviour. Even if your blood boils, keep thinking and don’t lose your head. Make conscious decisions and don’t cast caution to the wind. Stay in charge.


If you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, know that you have the capacity to think on your feet. You are resourceful and your ingenuity stands to you. A spontaneous approach and a flexible attitude will get you through.


You don’t need twenty-twenty vision to read less than subtle signs. Someone has designs on you and all the more so, now that there appears to be romantic competition. A family member runs to your rescue and can always be counted on.


In extreme situations it is not your strength and stamina that save the day but rather your state of mind. Don’t allow worry or anxiety cause you to become frozen still. Stay optimistic. The more you train, the more likely you are to be successful.


Consider if someone’s confidence is a show. Those who are nervous and flighty may find it difficult to stand strong in a difficult circumstance. Do what you can to offer support. Be slow to ditch an old plan. Stay calm and you can take everything in.