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Nailing their colours to the mast on a seaside cottage near Kinsale

By Tommy Barker
RED and white, pure Cork colours for this 19th century cottage, long moved on from humble fisherman ownership.

The Red Cottage, with its cheery windows and doors against a whitewashed wall is one of a row of original old dwelling on the way into Sandycove near Kinsale.

It appears to have grown, in common with a couple of its terraced neighbours, in doubling up its size by expanding into the house next door. But, it still weighs in on the compact side, despite its €450,000 guide price.

The value isn’t necessarily in its cuteness, though it does have that chocolate box look, rather it comes about by dint of location.

It overlooks Sandycove Island, inlet and out to the ocean just a mile from Kinsale’s harbour mouth.

The island, which is uninhabited except by rabbits and occasional grazing sheep, is close by the Sandycove shoreline, and can be waded out to at low tide to enjoy its sandy beach. As if to mock the Sandycove address, though, the beach by the slipway on the mainland is shingle and stone.

Auctioneers Sheehy Brothers are selling the Red Cottage with a €450,000 price guide: it might seem dear, but these are the agents who sold the residentially converted former fish warehouse Palace Wharf in Kinsale town in recent weeks for €4 million.

This south-facing cottage is in good overall condition, with a high-ceilinged living room with open fireplace, galley kitchen, two bedrooms - both with sea views - and a bathroom.