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'Military precision' used in £50m depot heist

By Neville DeanTHE £50-million (€73.5m) heist from a security depot in Kent was carried out with "military precision" by professional robbers operating at the "top level" of organised crime, a senior police officer has said.


Suspected outbreak of bird flu on French turkey farm

By Jean Lescalles, ParisA SUSPECTED outbreak of H5N1 bird flu has been detected in a turkey farm in eastern France which, if confirmed, would be the first time farm birds have been infected in Europe.


Apartheid claims as Israelis kill five Palestinians

By Emilio Morenatti BalataISRAELI troops killed five Palestinians yesterday as plans were announced to pave new roads in the West Bank exclusively for Palestinians while Jewish settler vehicles keep to the existing network.


Bush administration 'spent three months reviewing ports deal'

By Ted Bridis, WashingtonBUSH administration officials, trying to calm a political furore over allowing a United Arab Emirates company to take over six US seaports, told Congress yesterday they spent three months reviewing the deal and said all concerns about security were satisfied.


'Jurassic beaver' changing scientists' view of early mammals

By John von RadowitzA 'JURASSIC beaver' that was paddling around before the hey-day of the dinosaurs is changing scientists' view of early mammals.