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Prices ease for store cattle at mart

By Martin Ryan
Marts: Prices for store cattle eased slightly at the mart sales yesterday, but strong prices continued to be paid for some choice lots of forward animals.

Quality beef bullocks sold well with up to €490 over €/kg being paid for the tops of the continentals, while the best of the beef heifers sold for up to €390 over.

Numbers of cattle on offer were similar to last week.

There was 600 head on offer at Kilkenny Mart where trade remained firm, but prices for quality lots were back a bit from last week’s high.

Nevertheless a lot of four continental bullocks weighing 685kgs sold for €1,175. In general bullocks over 600kgs ranged €320 over to €490 over €/kg. There was an equally good trade for 500-600kgs bullocks at prices ranging up to €425 over. Lighter stores under 400kgs made €120 over to €350 over. The trade for heifers remains firm with beef lots ranging €150 to €390 over. Stores sold at €150 over to €320 over.

At Blessington Mart prices were similar to last week or a shade easier. Forward bullocks sold at €250 over to €400 over and lighter stores ranged €220 over to €350 over. Beef heifers sold at €260 over to €350 over and stores made €200 to €270.

Up to €500 over was paid at Ennis for quality weanling bulls, where there was 900 head on offer. A lot of two Limousin 466kgs sold for €965, a Charolais weighing 494kgs made €980, another Charolais scaling 486kgs sold for €920. Prices ranged back to €200 over €/kg. There was an equally strong trade for heifers with up to €300 over being paid for the tops. A 300kg Limousin sold for €600, a 390kgs Charolais fetched €680 and a lot of two Charolais 329kgs sold for €620.

At Kilmallock Mart the heavy bullocks sold at €160 over to €350 over with a strong trade for 400-500kg animals which sold at €140 over to €370 over. Heavy heifers ranged €100 over to €280 over.