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Peter Fonda, actor, is 66 today

Feast day of St Polycarp of Smyrna, St Dositheus, St Milburga, St Alexander Akimites, St Boisil, and St Willigis.

1685: George Frederick Handel was born in Halle, Saxony. He settled in England and became court composer to George II.

1820: The Cato Street conspiracy to assassinate Cabinet ministers was discovered. The plotters were executed.

1821: John Keats, English poet famous for his odes, died of tuberculosis in Rome, aged 25.

1836: The Mexican army laid siege to the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.

1863: British explorers John Speke and JA Grant announced the discovery of the Nile’s source.

1915: French actress Sarah Bernhardt had her right leg amputated, but she was back on stage by November.

1919: Benito Mussolini founded the Italian Fascist Party.

1920: The first regular broadcasting service in Britain started from Marconi’s studio in Chelmsford. The 30-minute programme was transmitted twice daily.

1950: Election results were first televised.

1953: An amnesty offered by the Government to World War Two deserters brought in applications from more than 3,000 servicemen and 14 servicewomen.

1970: Guyana became an independent republic within the Commonwealth.

1981: Spanish Fascist army officers led by Lt Colonel Antonio Tejero attempted a coup in the Cortes (parliament).

On this day last year

New figures from the Central Statistics Office showed wages in the public sector were rising more than twice as fast as wages in industry. The CSO’s figures also revealed that the average public servant earned 43% more than the average industrial worker. The average wage in the public sector grew by 9.3% almost four times the rate of inflation during the same period. Wages in industry rose by just 4.5% during that time.


Peter Fonda, actor, 66; Howard Jones, singer, 51; Linda Nolan, singer, 47; Helena Sukova, former tennis player, 41; Melinda Messenger, TV presenter, 35; Kelly Macdonald, actress, 30.