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What’s wrong with daring to believe?

AS an avid rugby follower and player, I was exceptionally heartened by the article on Irish rugby written by Diarmuid O’Flynn entitled: "We’ll never win anything with this attitude!"

It is great there is someone else who believes there is a possibility of great things for this team if the right attitude is adopted.

I live in Poland and have watched the first two matches amongst mainly English supporters. They have a supreme air of "we can do anything and win everything".

It can be annoying listening to the old enemy boasting, but at least they get behind their team and believe, unlike the Irish, our decorated/elevated past internationals and the majority of the media.

When last did Ireland have a team with so much raw talent, not when these ‘past masters’ were wearing the jersey.

It would be great to read a few more articles like Diarmuid O’Flynn’s, showing some belief in our team.

Let’s get behind our team for the Welsh game, like the Welsh do - they may believe they are the best in the world but at least they believe! I have never written an email like this but felt moved to do so.

Fergal Buttimer
ul. Rejtana 17 lok 30,
02-516 Warszawa,