You are viewing the content for Wednesday 22 February 2006




This is a time to be seen to be true to your convictions. You are likely to see red when someone says something out of line. Keep calm, don’t lose control and you will make the right response. Stay on top of things.


This is a day to zip those lips. Where someone has a behaviour pattern and you have a problem, nagging will get you nowhere. If someone is behaving badly, try to ignore and when things go the way you would like, lavish praise generously.


Reinforce your self-esteem on a regular basis. Give yourself a pat on the back for all that you have accomplished and recognise that you are wonderful, simply by being you. This will render you much less vulnerable in the face of knocks.


Avoid holding on to any prejudice that you may have against a particular person. Recognise that this may be down to a negative first impression and on an unconscious level, you are looking for proof of that initial picture and will see little else.


Many problems with anger occur when we choose between having a relationship and having a self. Take a look in the mirror and consider, are you true to you? Do you accept others as they are or are you guilty of imposing a guilt trip?


Taking charge of the overall direction of your life will put you in touch with that personal power deep within you. Even if progress is frustrated, by lack of resources or difficult circumstances, taking initiative will set you on the right track.


"Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable". (Sydney J. Harris) At the moment, you are set upon a course of action that others may not understand or support.


It is time to explore the possibility that the reason you believe that life is limiting is because you have assumed limitation to be in your life. Visualise in your imagination how you would like your life to look. This is a good place to begin.


This is a day when you might make your motto "Don’t complain, don’t explain!" Check yourself if you are too ready to find fault and consider how you might offer a solution. The less critical, the more your life will be filled with love.


Make life better. Practice doing what you love and loving what you do each day. If a job needs to be done, don’t complain about it. It will still need to be done! Be grateful for the opportunity to complete the task.


Today, be sure to give yourself some quiet time. Time for prayer, meditation or reflection provides food for your soul. In honouring and respecting this need, you will come to consider that others must honour and respect you too!


No matter what the situation, see obstacles as lessons, not indications of failure. By taking this perspective, nothing is lost, only delayed. Practice patience and detachment from outcome. Do the job for the job’s sake. Your rewards will come.