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Cindy Crawford, model, is 40 today

Feast day of St Eleutherius of Tournai, St Eucherius, St Tyranno, St Zenobius, and St Wulfric.

1653: Admiral Robert Blake defeated the Dutch fleet under Van Tromp off Portsmouth.

1707: Aurangzeb, last of the great Mongul emperors of India, died in Delhi, aged 88.

1811: Austria declared itself bankrupt.

1892: First performance of Oscar Wilde's Lady Windermere's Fan.

1938: Anthony Eden resigned as British Foreign Secretary, in protest over Prime Minister Chamberlain's appeasement policy.

1947: Lord Louis Mountbatten was appointed the last Viceroy of India - the same day the Government announced the British would leave India by June 1948.

1962: Astronaut John Glenn became the first American in orbit when he circled the earth three times in the Mercury capsule Friendship 7.

1978: A judge indicted Isabel Peron, ex-President of Argentina, for fraudulent use of £8 million from a state-run charity.

1985: Contraceptives were first sold in the Irish Republic.

1989: An army barracks at Tern Hill, Shropshire, UK, was destroyed by an IRA bomb.

On this day last year

The Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, said he did not know who the members of the IRA army council were. Mr Ahern was speaking in Co Meath following claims by the Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell, that Sinn Féin leaders Martin McGuinness, Gerry Adams and Martin Ferris were members of the army council. Sinn Féin's Chief Negotiator, Martin McGuinness, rejected these claims. He said the minister's remarks were politically motivated and an attempt to criminalise Sinn Féin.


Robert Altman, film director, 81; Sidney Poitier, actor, 79; Jimmy Greaves, TV football pundit, 66; Mike Leigh, film director, 63; Jennifer O'Neill, actress, 58; Ivana Trump, socialite, 57; Gordon Brown, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, 55; Phil Neal, manager and former footballer, 55; Patty Hearst, heiress, 52; Kelsey Grammer, actor, 51; Imogen Stubbs, actress, 45; Ian Brown, rock singer, 43; Cindy Crawford, model, 40.