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Mayor’s security fears

By Neans McSweeney, South-East Correspondent
A LOCAL authority which had to suspend a meeting when a protest group entered its chambers says it plans to step up security.

Tramore Town Council’s meeting was abandoned after a group opposing service charge increases got into the chamber.

The council says security will be stepped and gardaí brought in when protests are planned.

The doors to the Civic Offices at Tank Field will be locked while the council meeting is in session and if delegations wish to attend the meeting, numbers will be limited to 10 people who must apply for a ticket in advance.

Last week’s demonstration was instigated by former town councillor Eddie Walsh, who helped establish a group called Householders Against Service Charges.

Mayor Lola O’Sullivan said what happened last week can not be allowed to reoccur: "I wouldn’t go in if I saw such a crowd protesting. Before I even got to the building, a man came up behind me and screamed at me. He was the same person who later made reference to a gun in the meeting. I know who he is and he knows who he is and I will deal with that incident myself."