You are viewing the content for Friday 17 February 2006




If you are doing research for a project beware of being side-tracked. At the moment, you may be easily distracted and it is possible to go off on tangents. Concentrate on the job but keep a notebook and jot down your thoughts.


Sometimes you can be a terrible flirt. If you are free, get ready for some fun. If not, prepare to be strong in the face of temptation! Professionally, something needs to be sorted out. Stop putting things on the long finger.


A situation or person is coming around again. The question is, have your moved on or is this still relevant to your dreams and hopes today. Whichever the answer, the important thing is to know what you want.


As your social life gets a much needed boost, you can start to think about having more fun and more time to play - something a Cancer enjoys. But don’t forget that all important career or business plan. A fresh start is on the horizon.


During times of disappointment or discouragement, look for the lesson that you need to learn. Importantly, determine when no action is the best action. Sometimes situations are beyond our control or are not for us to control.


A German proverb says "What is the use of running when we are not going the right way!" Consider how that may have relevance to your situation at the moment. An escape for the sake of escape will not serve the greatest of purpose.


Ralph Waldo Emerson said "A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature." This is a time to renew connections that may be waning, to reach out and create new links and most of all, to consider what kind of friend are you.


When a goose gets sick, two others drop out of formation to protect her until she flies or dies. Then they start out again, joining another formation or catching up with the original flock. We need to combine and stand by each other.


Be aware of the healing power of forgiveness. If you should make a mistake today or hurt feelings, simply say "I’m sorry". If met with a heartfelt apology, stated in word or shown in action, receive it graciously. Life is too short.


Today, let go of your need to be a hero and specifically, to ‘fix’ anyone. Remember when someone feels pushed, the typical impulse is to resist. As we let go our need to change people and accept them as they are, miracles can happen.


The littlest of things count a lot. One word can change a person’s attitude, one gesture can change a person’s day. Be aware of your words and gestures and know the power that they have over yourself and others. Say something nice.


Being generous does not have to be a big deal and you don’t have to take the shirt off your back or give food from your mouth! A smile can be enough. Today, be generous. It will come easy to you, contribute to a better world.