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Today's horoscopes

Today's horoscopes

You awake full of energy and with a dare-devil spirit, ready to forge ahead. Others may lack your enthusiasm and find it difficult to match your pace. Someone makes you crazy but you wouldn't be without this special someone!

Ask and it shall be given. Be sure that you want what you ask for or wish to give what you offer on this friendly accommodating day. Expectations ride increasingly high. Love is in the air but you are looking forward to enjoying it here on earth.

Firmly grasp an opportunity to hand or it could slip through your fingers. Persist, even if others are negative and somewhat dubious about plans. You know what you are doing, even if others don't. Don't act your age act how you feel!

Enthusiasm will wane through the day, leaving a lot to sort out tonight. Burning that midnight oil proves productive even if it leaves you felling tired and weary. Those efforts are worthwhile. You may have to make a first move to resolve an issue.

Decisions may inspire. They need however, to be substantial and practical to carry you through the coming months. It will help to seek an objective opinion from someone more experienced. Stop judging a relationship from the side lines.

With resolution, you are able to find real solutions for practical problems. This is a day when you are on the ball and likely to score. In an important matter however, someone is set to blow the whistle. A sentimental song sets you thinking.

Avoid fixed attitudes or expecting everything to go your way. No-one is perfect and this is not an ideal world. Try to be more accepting of certain situations and prepared to work with what you've got. Someone is after the same rainbow's end.

There is no doubt about it, you have lots to do. Just be sure that what is done is really needed. Avoid wasting time and energy. Someone has a point to make and it is important that you listen. Avoid being too quick off the mark. Finances improve.

Being stubborn won't get you what you want. Avoid digging your heels in if you expect to make great strides. Missing appointments or going back on arrangements gives the wrong impression. Something good is waiting around the bend.

A day to recuperate and to do something you really want to, rather than continue to fall in line with the needs of others. Pressures are rising around you and others are particularly reactive. Keep your head down, tomorrow will soon be here.

This is a day of ups and downs when you will have no option but to go with the flow. Tomorrow will find you on an even keel. In the meantime, keep those fingers crossed. You have been prepared to let someone shine but now, it is your turn.

Someone's suggestion finally makes sense and you are now prepared to follow some very sound advice. You are a noble soul but sometimes this blocks your progress. Prepare to do what is right for you. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.