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Wenger stresses belief Eriksson successor should be British

By Jim van Wijk
ARSENE WENGER has reiterated his belief that England’s next manager should be homegrown - and revealed that was the reason he once passed on the opportunity.

Premier League chairman Dave Richards, one of the men who will decide on the next England boss, would prefer Sven-Goran Eriksson’s successor to be British.

Eriksson will leave his post after this summer’s World Cup in Germany - and the views of Richards would appear to do little for Dutchman Guus Hiddink’s chances, but the opposite for Northern Ireland’s Martin O’Neill.

Wenger, though, has always supported the ideology behind the England manager sharing the same cultural background as the nation’s mass support and media.

"People identify with national culture and national pride, the national team. It is all linked together.

"It is easier to be accepted when you are from the country than when you are foreign."