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No row with Black Cats chairman over transfers, says McCarthy

SUNDERLAND manager Mick McCarthy insists there has never been a row with chairman Bob Murray over the club’s transfer policy on the return to the Premiership last May.

Murray reacted furiously after reports suggesting the club planned for relegation back to the Championship after promotion last season.

"There has never been a row," said a defiant McCarthy, whose side take on high-flying Tottenham tomorrow at home. "There was a response to some headlines. I can understand the response because I was as annoyed as the board were, as the supporters were and everybody connected with the club.

"There has never been any rift but a lot has been made out of what I said and taken 100% out of context.

"That upset the chairman, I fully understand his reaction to it. If you think he was upset, you should have seen me when I saw it. I was equally if not more annoyed at the suggestion that we planned to get relegated."