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Explosives experts checking if pipe bombs came from same source

By Cormac O’Keeffe
ARMY and garda forensic experts will examine in the coming days if two pipe bombs which exploded in recent days came from the same source.

Security sources said that while the pipe bomb used yesterday morning was not as sophisticated as the one that exploded on Wednesday, they could have been made by the same person.

Gardaí are concerned that dissident paramilitaries are supplying pipe bombs to criminals and even to people involved in personal feuds.

But gardaí yesterday stressed that there was no connection between the two bombings, in terms of the people involved or the motives behind the attacks.

In yesterday’s incident, a pipe bomb exploded at 12.20am at the driveway of a house in Roseglen Avenue in Kilbarrack, north Dublin.

The device severely damaged a Renault Clio and blew open the front window of the house. None of the occupants was injured.

Bomb experts said the device did not have the sophistication of the pipe bomb that exploded in Coolock, north Dublin, on Wednesday evening.

A source said yesterday’s device did not appear to have a timer or electrical initiator, as was the case with the Coolock device.

Nor did the bomb have nails or shotgun pellets, which were found in the device in Coolock.

"This might suggest they were made by different people, but there’s not a huge amount of people out there making pipe bombs.

"It’s a bit of a coincidence that you have two pipe bombs in as many days and the two lengths of pipe almost the same.

"There will need to be forensic examination to determine if the same guy made them or not."

Gardaí believe the explosion in Kilbarrack may be linked to a feud, but not connected in any way to organised criminal activity.

One neighbour, Stella Morrissey, said she was woken up at 12.20am by an "unmerciful bang".

She said the family concerned were "never any trouble, lovely people" who were very quiet.

There is a camera over the front door of the house pointing out towards the driveway. Gardaí are examining it to see if it picked up the identity of the attacker.

At a press conference later, both Garda Commissioner Noel Conroy and Justice Minster Michael McDowell said that there was no connection between the two incidents.

"I can say at this stage they are not related. We do know from our investigations, which have only just commenced in relation to the most recent one, that it wasn’t a device that could cause major problems.

"Nevertheless I am concerned. Anything that could cause death or injury is a matter that concerns us greatly."

He said the bomb in Coolock "may be related" to previous discoveries of unexploded pipe bombs in Dublin last December.

"We’re working extremely hard to bring people to justice for all those matters."