You are viewing the content for Friday 10 February 2006




You have a great capacity for getting things done. This combined with a new sense of reality will lead to success. The next thing on your list of "how can I improve my life" is to manage your finances. Be careful when dealing with money.


Your cool and calm personality won’t stop you from having some personal problems with some of your colleagues. Don’t worry, you will work them out. At home, by contrast, you will enjoy harmony. Finances are set to flourish.


Your worst enemies at the moment is the excess of responsibility you are experiencing and social demands. It is difficult to juggle the two. Everything you take on is tackled with such enthusiasm that there is a high risk of exhaustion.


You are entering a period of feverish activity and whether you are looking for this or not, it will get you back into the swing of things after a period in which you felt you had fallen behind. You have plenty of energy and are in a joyful mood.


Those who know you well may consider you a little out of sorts. You feel like rebelling against petty restrictions and may go so far as to push your luck. Professionally, you know you work hard but it seems for little reward. This phase will end.


At work, everyone is ready to help you, thanks to your enviable ability to create a good atmosphere among your colleagues. When it comes to love, you could be suffering from some level of insecurity and this could take its toll.


This is a day to believe in miracles. Keep the faith and success will be yours. You have taken on a difficult and ambitious project but you are ready to see it through to the end. Others recognise your leadership qualities and are ready to help.


Someone is always there for you, come hell or high water. Recognise that and when you can, return the compliment. If a project is giving you a sense of ‘dead end’ perhaps it is time to go back to the drawing board. Welcome a new friend.


You have the capacity to bolster someone’s flagging confidence. The right words from you can make all the difference. Just ensure that you don’t invest so much of yourself into others and end up drained. You don’t need to justify an indulgence.


Others may have very high expectations of you but don’t let that put you under pressure. Even if feeling some stress and strain, avoid blowing your top. You know that you will regret it later. Make up your mind to ride out a storm.


Today you can breathe a sigh of relief as the pressure eases. Recognise that you have done a fine job managing some tricky area almost single-handedly. At home, even though you know some things have to be said, choose your words.


It is beginning to strike you that there are those who consider you are there for their benefit. You might have to remind them that you are not meant to be supplying financial as well as moral support. Money matters raise the level of any argument.