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Today's horoscopes

Today's horoscopes

You may be unwilling to face important decisions. Avoid relying on a seemingly stronger character to lead you. At the end of the day you must choose your own direction. Talk of moving house or changing circumstances is the order of the day.

Dramatic and necessary change is taking place in your life or is about to. Accept this and become involved in making choices and reaching decisions. Avoid relying on support. Others are slow to come around to your way of thinking.

You are suited to a career that makes the most of your creative talents but also allows you the opportunity to excel and succeed. At the moment team work may be difficult for you because you are ambitious and need to dominate.

You have a fondness for the limelight and are quite the social butterfly at the moment, moving from one social gathering to another with ease but without really getting to know others. Be wary of accepting people on face value.

You naturally shy away from conflict and this can result in issues not being resolved. Self doubt is influencing your actions at the moment and as a result you are not acting decisively. Pessimism is holding you back. Listen to an optimistic friend.

You are naturally flirtatious and you have a great many admirers, perhaps more than you know! You are naturally optimistic and are enjoying life to the full. You are able to cope with life and will not be disheartened for long by any setbacks.

Your home is important to you and at the moment, you will spend a great deal of time making the most of it. You find a sense of reward from concentrating on an activity that has tangible result. Recognise the value of relaxation.

Spending time organising and tidying could prove to be very therapeutic for you at the moment and can be considered a form of stress management. Your life may be more sedate than you would like but this provides the break that you need.

Someone demonstrates affection through making a fuss. This kind of energy and effort is easy to see. You may be disappointed however by someone who is slow to show feelings or express thoughts. Avoid taking this personally. Finances improve.

You can easily avoid arguments by being ready to compromise and negotiate. You may need to be honest however if you are harbouring resentment and allow others to do the same. Discussing these will minimise future disagreements.

While you are capable of great affection, you can sometimes play it too cool. Let someone know how you are feeling or you could miss a romantic opportunity and not for the first time! You need to broaden your horizons and find time for friends.

As you are under pressure and have to work long hours, you are losing enthusiasm for what you do. This is as good a time as any to take a break and to reflect on things from afar. You will either return feeling strong enough to press on.