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Cartoons showed 'insensitivity'

By Geoff MeadeA BRITISH Muslim Euro-MP last night called for an end to Muslim protests against Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.


Activist arrested at Bush speech

By Laurie Kellman, WashingtonANTI-WAR activist Cindy Sheehan was arrested and removed from the gallery on Tuesday night just before US President George W Bush's State of the Union address, a police spokeswoman said.


Hamas threats on Israel 'hurts Palestine'

By Jennifer Loven ,WashingtonUS PRESIDENT George W Bush said yesterday the vision of a Palestinian state cannot be realised if a Hamas-led government refuses to renounce its desire to destroy Israel.


Ahmadinejad attacks 'fake superpowers' in nuclear row

By Paul Hughes, TehranIRANIAN President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad yesterday mocked international calls for Iran to rein in its nuclear programme after US President George W Bush said the world must prevent it from making a nuclear bomb.


Israeli soldiers clash with settlers

By Josef Federman, AmonaCLUB-WIELDING riot troops dragged away thousands of stone-throwing Jewish settlers from rooftops and behind barbed wire yesterday, evacuating an illegal West Bank outpost in the fiercest clash over settlements since Israel's Gaza pull-out.


Icy body find bolsters claims for 10th planet

By John von RadowitzCLAIMS that the sun has a 10th planet have been bolstered by the discovery that an icy body found on the edge of the solar system is bigger than Pluto.