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ISEQ recovers to close at 7607.40

THE ISEQ index recovered somewhat yesterday lead by gains in Elan and CRH. The Dublin Exchange closed 45.03 points stronger at 7607.40.

The financial sector was 48.56 points higher following Central Bank statistics which show record credit growth for 2005. Leading bank AIB was unchanged, however, at €18.45. Bank of Ireland climbed 4c to €14.16, while Anglo Irish and Irish Life & Permanent added 12c and 15c.

In Construction CRH surged ahead by 39c to €25.89 as Vulcan Materials announced record 4th quarter earnings. Grafton shares shed 2c to €9.63, Kingspan jumped 20c to €11.50 while McInerney nudged upwards by 3c to €11.70.