You are viewing the content for Wednesday 1 February 2006

Improved prices for heifers

By Martin Ryan
Marts: Heifer prices made some gains at the mart sales yesterday with improvements of up to €10/head for both beef and stores, but the trade for plainer bullocks was easier.

There are more calves on offer at the sales this week. Good demand for shipping is continuing to set a floor under the good Friesian bulls.

Beef heifers are making up to €235 over €/kg. There was an improved trade for heifers at Kilmallock were up to €235 over was paid for animals over 400kg and stores ranged €80-170 over.

The butcher’s heifers made €130 over to €230 over at Fermoy Mart with prices improved on last week and heifers in very strong demand. Store heifers sold at €120 over to €230 over. At Kanturk the heavy heifers peaked at €200 over and lighter lots made up to €180 over. Dungarvan recorded a top of €230 over for the heavy heifers with light stores ranging €100 to €170 over.

Beef bullocks sold for up to €400 over at Dungarvan Mart, making up to €300 over at Fermoy yesterday and up to €280 over at Kanturk. Producers are continuing to opt for quality animals, resulting in a weaker demand for plain stock. Some plain bullocks are now selling back to €40-50 over €/kg.

Good shipping activity is maintaining demand for the good Friesian bull at up to €180/head.

In general shippers are paying €140/head to €180/head for suitable Friesian bulls. Some older quality British-type Friesian bulls are making up to €230/head.

Hereford and Angus bull calves are ranging €180-320/head, with heifers at €135-260/head. Continental bulls are €200-400/head and heifers are up to €325/head. There is an all round improved demand for the continental heifer this year.