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Take work off to watch eclipse which won't be seen in Ireland for another 14 years

An astronomy group is recommending that people book Monday off work and keep the kids home from school in order to watch a lunar eclipse, the likes of which will not be seen in Ireland for another 14 years.



Police officer who killed black teenager in Chicago gets nearly seven years

Jason Van Dyke is the first officer in the city to be convicted over the killing of an African-American.


Passenger in Duke of Edinburgh crash ‘always wanted to meet a royal’

The Queen’s consort exchanged ‘well-wishes’ with the injured parties.



Eurozone recession fears on the rise

The ECB is expected to wait until the fourth quarter to raise its deposit rate, later than thought just a month ago, according to economists who also said the chances of a eurozone recession have grown.



Time for a more radical form of police diversion

We need to reconsider how we focus our scarce resources on those young people who need it most in the interests of them and the public, writes $1.


The beauty and unusual beasts of nature

The extravagant splendour of the animal kingdom is prompting scientists to rethink evolution, writes $1