A man has been arrested on suspicion of firearms offences after reports that a gunman fired shots at school workmen in England.


Pakistan mourns massacre victims

The Taliban massacre that killed 148 people, mostly children, at a military-run school in north-western Pakistan left a scene of heart-wrenching devastation, pools of blood and young lives snuffed out as the nation mourned and mass funerals for the victims got under way.


Sony cancels release of controversial film

Sony has cancelled the release of the controversial film depicting an assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un after cinemas decided not to screen it.


Cuba and US seek to end 50 years of Cold War enmity

President Barack Obama has announced the re-establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba and declared an end to America’s “outdated approach” to the communist island in a historic shift aimed at ending a half-century of Cold War enmity.


Man bids to sue Ronaldo over undies

A Rhode Island man is trying to sue footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in a dispute over an underwear line, but he can’t get to him.


Catholic midwives lose bid to avoid abortion practices

The UK’s highest court has overturned a ruling made in favour of two Catholic midwives who object to any involvement in abortion procedures.


Obama: ‘I have been mistaken for waiter and valet’

He may be president now, but Barack Obama says he’s a black man mistaken for a valet and a waiter.


Hamas removed from EU terror list

A court has ordered the Palestinian group Hamas to be removed from the EU terrorist list for procedural reasons, but says the Union can maintain asset freezes against Hamas members for now.


Detainees ‘lied to discredit British Army’

British troops mistreated nine Iraqi detainees following a fierce battle a decade ago, but false allegations of murder and torture were the product of “deliberate lies, reckless speculation and ingrained hostility”, a judge-led inquiry has found.


Cosby: No charge over 1974 claim

Comedian Bill Cosby, who has been the subject of over a dozen sex abuse allegations in the past two months, will not be charged in connection with a 1974 molestation claim, said the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office.


Consumer shopping frenzy in Russia as falling rouble prompts stockpiling and bank run fears

Russian consumers have flocked to stores, frantically buying a range of big-ticket items as they looked to pre-empt price rises following the staggering fall in the value of the rouble over recent days.


Pandas are cute, handsome, cool

The world’s only surviving giant panda triplets have finally been named following a worldwide competition: Mengmeng (Cute), Shuaishuai (Handsome), and Kuku (Cool).


QUIRKY WORLD ... Britons told to be nice, not naughty, in Emirates

ENGLAND: Britain is trying to make sure its citizens are more nice than naughty while soaking up the Arabian Gulf sun this Christmas.

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