Ulster today

It will be a very windy day with some sunshine, but also blustery and often heavy showers. Some of the showers may produce hail and even the odd rumble of thunder. Feeling rather cold for March with a strong to near gale force westerly wind.

Max temp 5-8°C (41-46°F).

Ulster tomorrow

It is going to be generally cloudy and wet throughout the day with frequent showers or more persistent rain. Staying wet through the evening as well. There will be a moderate westerly wind inland, fresh around the coasts.

Max temp 7-10°C (45-50°F).


It will be cloudy and wet with outbreaks of mostly light rain or drizzle through much of the day. Expect a gentle west to south-westerly breeze.

Max temp 7-10°C (45-50°F).


It is expected to be partly cloudy with a scattering of showers, although some sunnier intervals could develop at times through the day. Moderate north-westerly winds.

Max temp 7-10°C (45-50°F).


It is going to be a dry day for the most part, but with mainly cloudy skies and just limited brightness likely. A gentle breeze.

Max temp 9-12°C (48-54°F).


It is set to be dry with a few sunny intervals, but otherwise expect a good deal of cloud. Mainly light winds.

Max temp 10-13°C (50-55°F).