Leinster today

A windy day. Rain first thing. It will then be mostly grey and cloudy with showers. The showers are likely to be rather heavy during the morning. One or two evening showers as well. Colder with a fresh westerly wind.

Max temp 8-11°C (46-52°F).

Leinster tomorrow

It is going to be very unsettled and wet with grey skies and frequent outbreaks of rain, often heavy but also rather showery at times. Milder despite the showers and a brisk westerly wind.

Max temp 11-14°C (52-57°F).


It looks set to be mostly bright and dry but with the small chance of a shower. Moderate north-westerly winds.

Max temp 8-11°C (46-52°F).


It is expected to be mainly cloudy with the chance of an isolated shower for a time. Fresh westerly winds.

Max temp 9-12°C (48-54°F).


It will be generally cloudy with rain and drizzle, particularly during the afternoon. There will be a moderate westerly wind.

Max temp 10-13°C (50-55°F).


A rather cloudy day with the chance of the occasional rain. There will be a moderate westerly breeze.

Max temp 9-12°C (48-54°F).