Leinster today

A windy day. It looks set to be bright with sunny spells and scattered wintry showers. These will mostly fall during the afternoon. Showers turning to snow after dark. Brisk north-westerly winds.

Max temp 3-6°C (37-43°F).

Leinster tomorrow

Following a clear and frosty start, it will be mostly dry with spells of sunshine, especially during the first half of the day. Although the odd isolated wintry shower can not be ruled out. A moderate north-westerly wind.

Max temp 3-6°C (37-43°F).


It is going to be mainly dry but cloudy with the chance of an isolated wintry shower. Light north-westerly winds. Very cold.

Max temp 2-5°C (36-41°F).


It is expected to be bright with sunshine and wintry showers. Becoming drier later. Moderate northerly winds.

Max temp 3-6°C (37-43°F).


After a cold, clear start, it will be dry and bright with variable amounts of sunshine. There will be a moderate north-westerly breeze.

Max temp 3-6°C (37-43°F).


A clear, frosty start. It will then be dry with long sunny periods and only a few patches of cloud. There will be a gentle north-westerly wind.

Max temp 3-6°C (37-43°F).