Leinster today

It will be a very unsettled day with overcast skies and spells of rain spreading south-eastwards this morning. This rain will often be heavy. The rain will ease during the evening. A fresh south-westerly wind, easing later.

Max temp 8-11°C (46-52°F).

Leinster tomorrow

It is going to be rather unsettled with outbreaks of showery rain, some heavy in the afternoon. Remaining wet through the evening but the rain will be lighter. Brisk southerly winds.

Max temp 6-9°C (43-48°F).


It is going to be bright with sunny spells and showers, heavy during the afternoon. There will be a brisk south-westerly wind.

Max temp 6-9°C (43-48°F).


Changeable, as it will be bright with some sunshine, but also blustery showers. There will be a strong westerly wind.

Max temp 6-9°C (43-48°F).


It is expected to be mainly cloudy with showers, some heavy and prolonged with the risk of snow on the hills. Moderate westerly winds.

Max temp 5-8°C (41-46°F).


It is going to be bright for a while. Rain moving in later. Light southerly winds.

Max temp 6-9°C (43-48°F).