Ireland today

Once any local mist patches have lifted, it will be a fine day across many parts of Ireland with spells of sunshine. However, south-eastern counties will be somewhat cloudier with the risk of a few showers. Gentle to moderate easterly winds.

Max temp 13-16°C (55-61°F).

Ireland tonight

Any showers in the south should die out leaving a dry night with variable cloud. Moderate south-easterly winds.

Min temp 3-6°C (37-43°F).

Ireland tomorrow

It will be a dry and fine day across all areas with clear blue skies and largely unbroken sunshine. However, it may feel chilly in places with a moderate easterly breeze.

Max temp 12-15°C (54-59°F).


It is expected to be another dry and fine day with plenty of sunshine and nothing more than a little patchy cloud in places. There will be a gentle easterly breeze.

Max temp 13-16°C (55-61°F).


A warmer day than of late with lengthy spells of spring sunshine and variable amounts of patchy cloud. A light easterly breeze.

Max temp 15-18°C (59-64°F).


Another fine day with plenty of sunshine and temperatures slightly above the seasonal average. Light winds.

Max temp 15-18°C (59-64°F).


It looks set to remain dry and warm with spells of sunshine and very light winds.

Max temp 16-19°C (61-66°F).