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Uphill battle for pro-choice campaigners

A recent finding by the Advertising Standards Authority in Northern Ireland has upheld the claim that the pro-life laws there have saved 100,000 lives since 1967.

An independent report carried out by the Pro Life Campaign in 2016 found that the eighth amendment had saved a similar number in the Republic between the years 1994 and 2004.

The question has to be asked then, why do pro-choice campaigners want to remove the eighth amendment from the Constitution?

We would not support the removal of any other law that was found to be life-saving, much less one that particularly defends the rights of a vulnerable and voiceless human being, namely the baby in his or her mother’s womb.

Pro-choice campaigners must prove to the country not just that we should hold a referendum to allow a vote on whether these babies should lose their rights in Irish law, but also that such a referendum should pass. I think they have an uphill battle on their hands.

Mary Quinlan

Co Sligo

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