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Stupid humans not superior to other species

SEÁN McGovern (Letters, May 22) claims that because one animal rights activist resorts to terrorism, all are terrorists and he defends animal cruelty by abusing those who oppose it.

Every day I am astonished to learn of the intelligence and ability of other species – their use of tools, ability to navigate, phenomenal memory, etc.

And every day I’m astonished to learn how incredibly stupid human beings are, and how driven by blind instinct. Human’s only unique ability is speech, which enables us to imitate and be controlled by others, leading to the illusion of intelligence. If we were to apply human standards of morality to other animals, we would certainly not consider them inferior.

Humans who cannot empathise with the suffering of others cannot claim to be any better than the creatures they choose to torture, which ironically is the only way they justify themselves.

Michael Job


Co Cork

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