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Our Irish greyhounds deserve better

I WOULD like to commend John Daly for his letter (April 15) regarding the IGB’s plan to send Irish greyhounds to China.

I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments expressed by Mr Daly that such a move must be vetoed by the Department of Agriculture if they are truly serious about the welfare of animals.

Globally, this is getting huge media coverage and once again we Irish are in receipt of very negative press for our treatment of animals as the proposal is being condemned outright by world welfare organisations.

The China culture in relation to animals is reflected in how they mistreat them and their total lack of legalisation of any kind to protect them.

It is indefensible of the IGB to try and promote this as acceptable, our Irish greyhounds deserve better. I will never go inside the door of a greyhound stadium again.

Catherine O’Brien


Dublin 11

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