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Animal rights activists are ‘bullies who can’t take their own medicine’

I WAS greatly amused by Nuala Donlon’s letter (May 20) attacking Deputy Mattie McGrath for calling animal rights activists “nothing short of terrorists”.

Of course it is untrue. After all why would the FBI rate the Animal Liberation Front as a domestic terrorist threat more dangerous than extremist right-wing groups in the USA?

Of course Dr Jerry Vlaseck, a well-known militant anti-vivisectionist, was prohibited from entering Britain for incitement to hatred just because he claimed it is justifiable to murder people involved in animal abuse? Of course the Animal Liberation Front never published a manual describing how to make firebombs and the best places to put them, and of course it was all a set-up that three convicted animal rights terrorists, er, sorry, activists, were convicted of this in the US?

But best of all is Miss Donlon hiding behind “incitement to hatred” because of some supposed attacks on poor animal rights supporters in Ireland.

Funnily enough when her co-member of the Association of Hunt saboteurs, Bernie Wright, claims in the national media that those who engage in legitimate fieldsports are no better than child abusers, this is not incitement to hatred. Along with many other hyprocritical and violent actions by the so-called animal rights brigade, Ms Donlon’s pithy letter simply shows such groups for what they are ... bullies who can’t take their own medicine.

Seán McGovern


Co Clare

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