E-cigarettes - Encouraging smoking

It is almost a decade since smoking was banned in the workplace and in some public spaces. The groundbreaking initiative may not have had the impact that would have made the decision a resounding success but it changed forever the culture around smoking tobacco.

The health consequences of smoking have been unquestioned for decades yet, incomprehensibly, people still start smoking and develop a habit that could end their life prematurely. One of the great benefits of the smoking ban is that those who wish to stop smoking, those who have stopped smoking or those who never smoked know they can visit certain areas without having to endure the threat represented by passive smoking. That security is threatened by the growing use of e-cigarettes, especially in areas where tobacco smoking is not allowed. Pubs and restaurants, as well as public transport services, are to be encouraged to ban these substitute cigarettes as they are as likely to encourage real smoking as they are to help someone kick the habit.

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