TERRY PRONE: Medical jargon is just the tonic to help the medicine go down

MY NAME is Terry and I am a medical groupie. 

Micheal Martin's poll results are consistently ahead of thoseof his party.

TERRY PRONE: Beware the worm casting its opinion as the election looms


Enda Kenny suffered years of negative polls, related to his personal popularity, before coming to power writes Terry Prone


TERRY PRONE: Being a minister is a test of character. So is passing an end-of-year exam

EDUCATION Minister Jan O’Sullivan is the personification of the rule ‘cometh the role, cometh the woman’.


TERRY PRONE: When your teeth bite the dust, life becomes a series of indignities

The toothless person’s chin rises up to their nose, just like the profile of a witch in a Hallowe’en mask, writes Terry Prone



TERRY PRONE: Important message: Beware texts claiming to be important messages

THIS column is a warning and an apology. At bedtime last Thursday, I hit the scratcher and went to sleep. An hour later, my phone chirped. It was a text. Would I emerge from a good dream to deal with it? No. Just as sleep reclaimed me, the phone chirped that it had an email. 

Eddie Hobbs and Lucinda Creighton at the Renua launch. Is he or isn't he a candidate? Opinion poll, anybody?

TERRY PRONE: Let me be the Devil’s advocate and start ... by setting the agenda

A man named Ambrose Bierce once published a volume called The Devil’s Dictionary, filled with unorthodox definitions of terms common to late 19th century America, writes Terry Prone.

Harper Lee was acclaimed in 1960 for To Kill A Mockingbird, but her second novel is only being published now.

TERRY PRONE: Why success as a writer became a life sentence for Harper Lee

GEORGE Best is sitting up in a hotel bed with a gorgeous blonde beside him, when the waiter arrives with a bottle of vintage champagne. The waiter looks at the former soccer star and asks: “George, where did it all go wrong?”


TERRY PRONE: It’s time we all take responsibility for our risky binge-drinking culture

TV ads for beer establish an atmosphere and context of collective happiness, writies Terry Prone



TERRY PRONE: Nursing homes exporting their demented problems to hospitals

THEY PUT her in a home, the two sisters and their brother. They couldn’t believe that the pejorative phrase would apply to them and to their mother, but it did.


TERRY PRONE: Skips and new cars are a sign that economic recovery’s taking root

IF I WERE to say that Finance Minister Michael Noonan is off with his statistics on economic recovery, he would come after me and give me a black eye to match the one he’s sporting.

Terry had to sneak into the operatingarea of the hospital to learn how theman in her life was doing.

TERRY PRONE: Patients wait on trolleys while loved ones hang around in fear

More information on waiting times in hospitals would save everybody a great deal of anxiety, writes Terry Prone


TERRY PRONE: Gin Lane’s alcoholic miseries are still to be seen on streets of Ireland

IT’S a cartoon, drawn by artist William Hogarth in 1751. Entitled Gin Lane, it shows a crowded, chaotic, 18th century street scene, every detail of which tells the story of what one alcoholic drink — gin — was doing to the city life of the poor. 


TERRY PRONE: Learning the 10 lessons of recession lessens the load we have to bear

Terry Prone wonders if traffic congestion can be a measurable indicator that recession is over.