Paul Ó Marcacahain from the Identity Ireland Party in discussion with Kate O'Connell at the party's launch inBuswell's Hotel.

TERRY PRONE: Before immigration, Ireland was a grey and colourless place to live

In the Ireland I grew up in, we had an identity, we had sovereignty, we had white skin and not a whole lot else, writes Terry Prone

Actress Helen Mirren is defined by looking good at 69. Her otherachievements are ignored.Picture: AP Photo

TERRY PRONE: Our judgmental attitude to women is an age-old problem

I’m profoundly ageist when it comes to me... If I wasn’t broke, I’d be having more plastic surgery, writes Terry Prone



TERRY PRONE: Sight of a Garda uniform gets me all hot and bothered every time

Something about a Garda uniform causes Terry Prone to have panic attacks, believing she has done something vile beyond belief and that they’ve caught her at it. 


TERRY PRONE: Racist massacre flags up issues about good ol’ boys and bad TV

WHEN something that has driven you nuts gets exterminated, it’s time for fists in the air and wild whoops of glee. 

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Orson Welles' radio production of The War of the Worlds' was based on HG Wells' novel of the same name about a Martian invasion.

TERRY PRONE: From kidnappings to Martians, whipping up hysteria is old news

The ‘Martian Panic’ was a myth for which mainstream media was largely responsible, writes Terry Prone



TERRY PRONE: The ‘New York Times’ apology was a sorry attempt to right a wrong

SOMETIMES, the apology is worse than the offence, writes Terry Prone. 

The evidence about the economy stacks up in Brendan Howlin's and the Government's favour, despite people's gut instincts.

TERRY PRONE: Small firms need a boost but it is selective to ignore progress to date

Public memory is subservient to current problems and what yesterday attracted all of our attention shrinks, writes Terry Prone


TERRY PRONE: It was Jan Morris who transformed the world for transgender people

THE ‘coming out’ of Caitlyn Jenner illustrated the power of mainstream media in a way we sometimes overlook, writes Terry Prone.


TERRY PRONE: Take a tip from me, give a gratuity to reward good services rendered

IT’S A long time ago, so I don’t think the Revenue will come after me, but I was briefly rich, writes Terry Prone.

WB Yeats once told an audience they had disgraced themselves. On Saturday we needed a reverse Yeats to tell us we had done the right thing.

TERRY PRONE: In casting our referendum votes, we showed faith, hope, and love

IT WAS politics at its best, the referendum. Political parties looking at a proposition decided to espouse it. Ways were found by both sides in the argument to engage the public. The clearest of decisions was made by the electorate, and countless lives were changed for the better.

TV presenter and academic Mary Beard gave a job reference to a young man who had abused her online.

TERRY PRONE: When you’re giving a reference, don’t do a job on the candidate

People will swear to the capabilities of employees for no good reason other than doing a favour, writes Terry Prone


TERRY PRONE: Coffee-maker had rich market until customers gave it a roasting

THEY were wrong from the start, but that didn’t stop them taking off like a bullet, those tiny little plastic coffee pods you insert in a machine to make an alleged perfect cup of java. 


TERRY PRONE: If it is my right to take my life, then it is my right to have assistance

It is a basic human right to end one’s life. It is not a privilege earned by intolerable suffering writes Terry Prone