FERGUS FINLAY: This Government is at risk of drowning over Irish Water fiasco

AS SOMEONE who believes in the concept of a national water authority, and who signed up to pay water charges, it gives me no pleasure to admit my mistake, writes Fergus Finlay.


FERGUS FINLAY: Too late to buy popularity, but Government could gain respect

DEAR ENDA, Joan, Michael and Brendan, I’m writing to you because you’re the four people who together constitute the economic engine room of the government. 


FERGUS FINLAY: So Bertie had no responsibility for regulation - there’s a puzzle for Katie

Does Bertie Ahern really expect us to believe that he wasn’t fully aware of the unhealthy relationship he built between developers and the banking industry? asks Fergus Finlay


FERGUS FINLAY: Dáil could lose its way without politicians of vision and principle

The bottom line is that we need, and will need, a parliament that works, writes Fergus Finlay


FERGUS FINLAY: Election-buying politics of Ahern and McCreevy left nothing behind

I WISH I could send ye a postcard. 

An elderly man waits outside a closed bank in Athens yesterday after the government ordered Greek banks to close for six business days and put restrictions on cash withdrawals.

FERGUS FINLAY: Greece needs democratic leaders to help, not a bureaucratic bashing

The ordinary people of Greece face the prospect of deep and sustained hardship, of a kind that is unprecedented in a European context, writes Fergus Finlay


FERGUS FINLAY: Company and planning laws need to be changed to protect workers

Company law was not designed to enable people to walk away from their obligations to
maximise profit, says Fergus Finlay

That parents pay for books, travel, classroom resources and voluntary contributions is a breach of theConstitution.

FERGUS FINLAY: Primary education is not free, but would be for an extra €103m a year

For thousands of families in Ireland the notion of free primary education is a joke, writes Fergus Finlay


FERGUS FINLAY: While we make sport of Delaney, the real scandal is elsewhere

FAI boss John Delaney and media owner Denis O’Brien are the men we’re all supposed to love to hate, men who attract scandal-laden headlines whenever they do anything., writes Fergus Finlay

John A Costello was taoiseach when Fergus Finlay was born in June 1950

FERGUS FINLAY: I was 65 yesterday. I feel the same as ever, but Ireland has changed

I HAVE no intention of going anywhere. I’m grand. Fit as a fiddle. I’ve passed that point where, as comedian Billy Connolly says, every movement is accompanied by an involuntary groan, writes Fergus Finlay


FERGUS FINLAY: We made history – now let’s fight to end other inequalities

The crowd had been gathering in the square at Dublin Castle since before lunch-time on Saturday. It was the sort of thing that doesn’t happen in Ireland – we’re more used to seeing these kind of images from Paris or Athens or other, more colourful capitals. By the time the declaration was made, from a giant screen in the corner, you couldn’t move.

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'Mrs Brown's Boys' star Rory Cowan, who plays Mrs Brown's son Rory, at the opening of the Yes Equality shop in StStephen's Green, Dublin.Picture: Paul Sharp/Sharppix

FERGUS FINLAY: Yes we can be brave not afraid, open not closed. All we need is love

It’s simple. If I’m heterosexual, I can get married to the person I love. If I’m not, I can’t, writes Fergus Finlay


FERGUS FINLAY: Bishops are wrong. Where is the God of love and compassion?

A COUPLE of weeks ago the Catholic Bishops of Ireland asked us to reflect on what was proposed in the marriage equality referendum. The common refrain of messages then was “marriage is important. Reflect before you change it.”