10 ways to save Irish politics from total cynicism

With an election in the offing, a growing percentage are completely disillusioned with politics as it has been practiced by the main parties in this country for decades. Time and again we’ve had the merry-go-round of promises to do things differently when in opposition, and subsequent reneging when in government. In that light, we have compiled 10 ideas that might contribute to saving politics from total cynicism, writes Special Correspondent Michael Clifford


When republicans got on their on bikes for a united Ireland

Six decades after a controversial World Amateur Road Race, Ryle Dwyer looks at a series of stunts at cycling events by militant Irish republicans

Tony Flannery: A priest who has been 'silenced' may not, by definition, teach or preach within the Church. Picture: Arthur Carron

No unity in Church without leadership

The prophetic voice is not authentic if it seeks to redefine long-established Church teaching according to its own reading of the signs of the times, according to Margaret Hickey


CSI Bog just one of the charms of National Museum visit

Murder mysteries from other millennia and Bronze Age bling make a trip to Kildare St a must for those who like a bit of excitement when it comes to archaeological artefacts and history with a hint of fun, writes Clodagh Finn


Deconstructing Dev: A look at the changing perceptions of the Long Fellow from statesman to spy

On the 40th anniversary of Éamon de Valera’s death, his biographer Ryle Dwyer examines the changing perceptions of the long fellow including why he was called a spy.


Ireland vulnerable to a marked slowdown in the Chinese economy

China has become an integral part of the global economy, and it is a fact that but for the growth in China over the last few years, the global economy would have gone into an even worse meltdown, writes Jim Power

Syrian refugees cross into Hungary underneath the border fence on the Hungarian-Serbian border near Roszke. Syria is the biggest contributor to the migrant crisis.

Migrant crisis finally forcing West to change course on Syria

The US and its partners now realise that a no-fly ‘safe zone’ on Syria’s border will protect its citizens and force Assad to negotiate, writes Anne-Marie Slaughter

Garda Commissioner Nóirín O'Sullivan.

North in Crisis: A genuinely serious issue has been exploited by certain parties

Cormac O’Keeffe writes that amid the heat and noise of the last week, trying to determine if — and to what extent — the IRA continues to exist has been like trying to grab a wet bar of soap.

UUP leader Mike Nesbitt and other party members in the Great Hall at Stormont as they announce they are to leave the executive.

Gerry Adams: We’ve had enough of the political posturing

There is no basis for the charges made against Sinn Féin by our political opponents and if this descends into crisis it is a direct result of their stupidity and opportunism, says Gerry Adams.

Ann O'Loughlin: 'I love journalism and I love writing. For me there could not be a greater combination.'

My journey from journalist to author through the five Ws

‘Irish Examiner’ reporter Ann O’Loughlin discusses how she combined the day job with the day-and-night job to write her first novel.