Fighting back against merger of Cork councils

18 lord mayor have set aside party politics to unite against a super council and to spark public debate, says Eoin English

Block A in the new prison. The inspector of prisons said if the prison was delayed or not built he would have to call for the closure of Cork Prison due to existing conditions.

VIDEO: Cork Prison: New development to confine jail’s Dickensian conditions to the past

Cormac O’Keeffe visits the new Cork Prison which is due to open by the end of the year. With larger cells, a Visits Garden with a play area for children, among other facilities , it is hoped the new prison will offer a healthier environment for prisoners and their families than current conditions at the existing prison which have been widely condemned


‘No dough, no go’ for presidential hopefuls

Money still talks in US presidential elections, as political kingmakers think nothing of writing multimillion-dollar cheques to back their favourite candidates, writes Bette Browne.


Gender recognition is ‘transformative’, but bill falls short

Transgender people no longer need a doctor’s approval of their identity. They can just self-declare, but children and married people can’t, says Tanya Ní Mhuirthile.


VIDEO: O’ Donovan Rossa Centenary a moving and memorable tributes to son of Cork

Gabriel Doherty offers a personal reflection on the commemorative events marking the centenary of O’Donovan Rossa’s funeral

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Bold initiatives required to address nation’s housing crisis

The Housing Agency’s first National Statement highlights the difficulties besetting efforts to house people. But as Rory Hearne points out, few practical solutions are offered.


Charlie Flanagan: Determined to leave a legacy of his own

Foreign Affairs Minister Charlie Flanagan speaks to Political Reporter Juno McEnroe about juggling diplomatic sensitivities and his ambitions for the remainder of the Coalition’s term.    

'The vast majority of people are law-abiding and come to the pub to enjoy all it has to offer, but a smallcohort feel they can come into premises and do whatever they want without any consequences'.

If lax sentencing continues a publican will die

Attacks on publicans have risen 40%-50% in recent years and the lack of appropriate sentences is only exacerbating the problem, writes Padraig Cribben

The country's GP capability is central to delivering on the promise of universal primary care. It is worrying, then, that so many medical professionals have been forced to emigrate.

Trust is key if reforms in healthcare will succeed

The impact of austerity cuts and the State’s contractually driven approach to the healthcare professions must change if hoped-for improvements are to be realised, writes Ray Kinsella

A Chinese investor monitors displays of stock information at a brokerage house in Beijing on Tuesday.  Picture: Mark Schiefelbein/AP

How to keep China’s bubbles from causing real damage

Chinese authorities must realise that their interference in the stock market can cause more harm than good, writes Michael Spence