An image from a website associated with Islamic State extremists purports to show Tunisian gunman Seifeddine Rezgu.

Tunisia terrorist cell promises more attacks in video

Despite its long tradition of religious moderation, Tunisia has long been a fertile recruiting ground for jihad, with a terror export industry stretching back to the mujahideen of Afghanistan, writes Simon Speakman Cordall


The mystery of the 75,000 missing crimes

21,000 thefts, over 6,000 assaults and almost 90 sexual offences not recorded as crimes by gardaí.

Potential Republican candidate Donald Trump made incendiary comments about Mexicans which drew the ire of Democrat frontrunner Hilary Clinton.

Hillary and Donald are trumping each other every chance they get

Democrat and Republican US presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are constantly sniping at one another and benefitting as a result, says Bette Browne  

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Having brought in free GP care for children under six, the Government intends to introduce other initiatives as the economy recovers,including a pre-school dental health problem.

Free GPs for children under six a step to universal healthcare

As of today, parents will no longer have to worry about money because their child is sick. By summer’s end, 48% of the population will have this service free, says Kathleen Lynch.

A Tunisian police officer stands guard ahead in front of the Imperial Marhaba hotel.

Tunisia Massacre: Atrocity on the beach sees Ireland fully involved in terror scenario

Three murdered Irish tourists were ordinary people on a summer holiday, who were just hours away from flying home, when Seifeddine Rezgui took to Marhaba beach armed with an assault rifle and grenades and massacre of the innocent on his mind, reports Cormac O’Keeffe.

The Nissan Navara, with shattered window, in the car park of University of Limerick where Christy Keane was shot yesterday morning.

Limerick Shooting: From coal to drugs, Keane’s business empires

For decades Christy Keane’s family ran a sizeable coal delivery business from their base in St Mary’s Park, better known as the Island Field. He soon discovered his delivery business was an ideal cover to get into drugs.


Greece was urged to stay in eurozone

Alexander Saeedy and John O’Donnell report on the 10-point European Commission plan that has been published ‘in the interest of transparency and for the information of the Greek people’.


Time and money are running out for disobedient Greece

The country has behaved fecklessly since it joined the European Union, which is finally content to let it leave, says John Lloyd


Atrocities show global reach of extremists

Terrorist attacks across three continents last Friday demonstrate the influence of Islamic State and wide reach, as well as the difficulties of countering its use of the internet to galvanise and inspire global violence.

A multi-bed room in ward 5B at Cork University Hospital . The ward was completed in January this year. It had been expected it wouldofficially open 'within a month of completion' of construction but the project has been delayed once again.

Opening of cystic fibrosis ward stalled again at CUH

Catherine Shanahan examines the hurdles charity Build4Life has faced in ring-fencing beds for CF patients at Cork University Hospital