Health spending has been cut by 27% since 2008, resulting in an 81% increase in the number of patients waiting on trolleys and chairs in emergency departments.

Ireland’s austerity ‘success’ is no model for Greece

GREECE is being told to follow Ireland’s crisis solution of harsh austerity and acceptance of bank-and-bailout debt. This narrative conveniently ignores that the Irish ‘recovery’ has been built on major human rights violations and the undermining of long-term social and economic development.


Banking Inquiry: Sorry seems not be the hardest word to say but rather the hardest one to mean

Contrary to popular belief, what Brian Cowen’s appearance at the banking inquiry demonstrated is that sorry is not the hardest word.

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Demonstrators destroy a European flag during a rally in the northern port city of Thessaloniki by supporters of a no vote in Sunday's referendum on whether to accept more austerity measures in exchange for a rescue deal.

Greece: Humanitarian values sorely absent in crisis

A corrupt ideology continues to push austerity on Greece, but if the country is to leave the eurozone, its politics and economic management must change, writes Michael Kinsella.           

Fr Healy argues that the proportion of GDP the exchequer collects in taxation needs to be increased in an equitable and fair manner.

Fair but increased taxation needed or vital service provision

Seán Healy argues against cutting taxes but for fairer taxation to spend a lot more on services like social housing, health and education for a fair and just society.

An attraction at the ROBOTS exhibition at Titanic, Belfast, this week. Machines are transforming society, but, rather than try to stop the unstoppable, we should think about how to put thisnew reality at the service of our values and welfare.

Facing up to the end of work as we know it

As increased levels of automation and the ubiquity of digital platforms result in changes in the job market, there will be a breakdown in the middle class, possibly unleashing a new era of class rivalry, reports Jean Pisani-Ferry

Greece prime minister Alexis Tsipras and European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker in happier times during late May. Tsipras has seen the patience of Greece's international creditors dry up this week.

Hang Tsipras out to dry, fine, but not the Greek people too

The Greek prime minister has backed himself into a corner. With his people facing €60 cash withdrawal limits at banks, they may well choose to side with Europe in a vote, writes Hugo Dixon

An image from a website associated with Islamic State extremists purports to show Tunisian gunman Seifeddine Rezgu.

Tunisia terrorist cell promises more attacks in video

Despite its long tradition of religious moderation, Tunisia has long been a fertile recruiting ground for jihad, with a terror export industry stretching back to the mujahideen of Afghanistan, writes Simon Speakman Cordall


The mystery of the 75,000 missing crimes

21,000 thefts, over 6,000 assaults and almost 90 sexual offences not recorded as crimes by gardaí.

Potential Republican candidate Donald Trump made incendiary comments about Mexicans which drew the ire of Democrat frontrunner Hilary Clinton.

Hillary and Donald are trumping each other every chance they get

Democrat and Republican US presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are constantly sniping at one another and benefitting as a result, says Bette Browne  

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Having brought in free GP care for children under six, the Government intends to introduce other initiatives as the economy recovers,including a pre-school dental health problem.

Free GPs for children under six a step to universal healthcare

As of today, parents will no longer have to worry about money because their child is sick. By summer’s end, 48% of the population will have this service free, says Kathleen Lynch.