SiteServ sale: Dukes’ gentle anger may be deceptive

Johnny Rotten once hollered into a microphone that anger is an energy but the anger that Alan Dukes expressed at his press conference at first seemed akin to wind energy supplied by a five-year-old blowing the seeds off a dandelion clock.

Soldiers carry a coffin during a funeral service yesterday for 24 migrants drowned trying toreach the southern coast of Italy last Saturday. Picture: Alessandra Tarantino/AP

EU must get on board to tackle refugee crisis

Wealthy countries like to portray themselves as unfairly shouldering the burden of the world’s refugee population but this simply is not true, writes Éamonn Meehan


Growing old waiting for aging strategy to be implemented

It took six years just to write the national ageing strategy but it seems that there is no still urgency by the State towards implementing the plan, writes Justin Moran

Believe Omoregie, Dara Coker, and Gaberial Ukaina during a protest at the Ashbourne House Direct Provision Centre at Glouthaune, Co Cork,in September last year. The working group met for the first time just two months later. Picture: Jim Coughlan

Direct Provision: Failure to follow through on decisions hurts the vulnerable

It should have been easy to decide on an allowance increase for those in Direct Provision. However, these people have been let down again, writes Sue Conlon            

German Red Cross workers carry bottles of liquid to help revive those who succumbed to a chlorine gas attack during World War I. Picture: AP

The war to end all wars only led to new conflict

One hundred years ago this week chemical weapons were used for the first time, opening up a new chapter in conflict. Ann Cahill talks to some of the troops still cleaning them up    


Industrial unrest likely in the absence of guarantees to union

If the national bus strikes go ahead next month they will be almost two years to the day after the last time services were ground to a halt.


Michéal Martin seeks to return Fianna Fáil to its community roots

MICHEÁL Martin says he wants to be the next Taoiseach (not Tánaiste), that Enda Kenny is becoming increasingly detached from ordinary people, and that any talk of a split in Fianna Fáil is now buried.


All civilised peoples have a responsibility

Europe Correspondent Ann Cahill reflects on recent political responses to the crisis of migrant voyages on the Mediterranean and how inaction has added to the rising death toll.

Anti-water charge protesters take to the streets of Dublin on Saturday. The campaign is transforming Irish society and politics as we know it.

Temperature is set to rise in anti-water charge campaign

A study finds the water charge protest has politicised and energised Irish citizens who are no longer willing to take things lying down, writes Rory Hearne.


It’s all about Hillary in Obama’s New America

Barack Obama brought a more inclusive society to power in 2008. To win the presidency, Hillary Clinton must hold this New America coalition together and broaden it further, says Bill Schneider            

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