Property deals backfire - Swathes of council-owned land lying idle

Documents released to the Irish Examiner under the Freedom of Information Act have shown that private developers and house hunters were not alone in buying into the property bubble, writes Joe Leogue.

Residents pass by burning houses, a dead body in the background, in Mariupol, after a crowded open-air market in Ukraine's strategically important coastal city of Mariupol came under rocket fire.

West urged not to give in to ‘Ukraine fatigue’

Thirteen people were killed when a bus in Ukraine was hit by a rocket earlier this month, but it barely registered as news outside a country still fighting on all sides, writes Lucian Kim

Protests over water charges have been rampant. But there are also concerns about the body being privatised in the same way as Bord Gáiswas, raising fears that water charges will be forced upwards as a result to boost profits for shareholders.

Why privatising State assets is not in the public interest

How can a government that spins the sale of major parts of Bord Gáis as not being privatisation be trusted with retaining Irish Water as a public utility, asks Rory Hearne

Detective Garda Joe Ryan, right, who witnessed the murder, helps carry the coffin during the state funeral of Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe in Dundalk.

Community ‘still hurting’ over Garda Adrian Donohue’s death

It has only been two years, but already the annual candlelight walk in memory of Adrian Donohoe has the feel of a deeply embedded tradition.

Garda Joe Mc Loughney with a speed gun in Cork. The latest report into the penalty point system showed some superintendents acted outsidepolicy in cancelling points.

Penalty Points: Let this be the first step to wider reforms

Do all senior garda officers read reports pertaining to how they should do their work? The release of details of an investigation into the latest abuses of the penalty points system suggests not.

Anti-austerity protests in front of the parliament building in Athens. If Syriza wins the upcoming election it must moderate its approach: AP Photo/Kostas Tsironis

Shouting the odds won’t help get Greece back on track

Greece must continue its reform agenda and the troika agree to cut its debt burden to avoid a damaging exit from the eurozone, writes Yannos Papantoniou

A Kurdish peshmerga militaman stands on a tank preparing for battle against the Islamic State group in northern Iraq. Picture: AP/Kurdistan Region Security Council

US counts enemy dead and it’s not reassuring

The armed forces seem to be reassuring themselves that the violence they inflict — and the violence the enemy inflicts in return — is definitely worth it, according to David Axe


Sinn Féin needs to get the numbers right on the jobs front

Deliberately misleading the public in terms of the true employment figures is a cheap political stunt by Sinn Féin, argues Labour TD Arthur Spring


Nigerian tragedy must not be ignored

The slaying of hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent Nigerians has not garnered the sort of outrage the Paris attacks did. Why is this so, asks Áine Carroll

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Grand coalition starts to look achievable

Simon Coveney says he has ‘no ideological problem’ about going into partnership with Fianna Fáil, but would his party really jump into bed with its nemesis, asks Juno McEnroe