Russian President Vladimir Putin with Russia's chief rabbi Berel Lazar, Holocaust survivor Breindel Fleishman, and chairman of Federation of Russia's Jewish Organisations Alexander Boroda.

Russia’s pivotal role in ending Holocaust

We must remember that without the efforts of the Red Army , the Nazis would have been able to complete their attempted genocide of Europe’s Jews, writes Geoffrey Roberts

Threshold maintains that just €25 per week can make the difference between a family holding on to their home and becoming homeless.

Just €25 per week can save a family from becoming homeless

Housing charity Threshold is setting up a service in Cork to help those faced with problems such as unaffordable rent increases and the threat of illegal eviction, writes Niall Horgan


In face of terror threats, Japan seeks to build its defences

In the past, Japan has acquiesced to terrorist demands. But recent threats by Islamic State jihadists have exposed Japan’s lack of options, writes Yuriko Koike


Organised chaos helps keep Dutch health service on top

Despite its number one ranking and its many admirers both here and abroad, the Dutch health care system is still a work in progress, writes Dan Buckley


We may never know the truth about the death of Alexander Litvinenko

An inquiry into the death of the Russian fugitive has finally opened. But those who say that justice delayed is justice denied have doubts that the truth will ever emerge, writes Mary Dejevsky

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Athenians walks past a kiosk with newspapers featuring front page stories and photos of Alexis Tsipras, leader of Greece's Syriza party that won Sunday's national elections and has formed a coalition government.

Moving from rhetoric to a lasting resolution

Finding common ground between the Syriza-led government and German-led austerity measures is needed if Greece — and the eurozone — is to survive, writes Ann Cahill.

A man casts his vote at a polling station in Athens on Sunday. The far-left Syriza party of Alexis Tsipras came out on top and is poised to made radical changes to one of the recession's worst-hit countries.

Ireland should join in calls for a European debt conference

With the rise of Syriza in Greece, it is time Ireland stopped its impoverishing debt payments and stood up for its people, writes Rory Hearne.


Property deals backfire - Swathes of council-owned land lying idle

Documents released to the Irish Examiner under the Freedom of Information Act have shown that private developers and house hunters were not alone in buying into the property bubble, writes Joe Leogue.

Residents pass by burning houses, a dead body in the background, in Mariupol, after a crowded open-air market in Ukraine's strategically important coastal city of Mariupol came under rocket fire.

West urged not to give in to ‘Ukraine fatigue’

Thirteen people were killed when a bus in Ukraine was hit by a rocket earlier this month, but it barely registered as news outside a country still fighting on all sides, writes Lucian Kim

Protests over water charges have been rampant. But there are also concerns about the body being privatised in the same way as Bord Gáiswas, raising fears that water charges will be forced upwards as a result to boost profits for shareholders.

Why privatising State assets is not in the public interest

How can a government that spins the sale of major parts of Bord Gáis as not being privatisation be trusted with retaining Irish Water as a public utility, asks Rory Hearne