The country's GP capability is central to delivering on the promise of universal primary care. It is worrying, then, that so many medical professionals have been forced to emigrate.

Trust is key if reforms in healthcare will succeed

The impact of austerity cuts and the State’s contractually driven approach to the healthcare professions must change if hoped-for improvements are to be realised, writes Ray Kinsella

A Chinese investor monitors displays of stock information at a brokerage house in Beijing on Tuesday.  Picture: Mark Schiefelbein/AP

How to keep China’s bubbles from causing real damage

Chinese authorities must realise that their interference in the stock market can cause more harm than good, writes Michael Spence


Government has simply poured money down the drain

Ministers must know the game is up and that the ruling by Eurostat has completely removed the rationale for Irish Water and water charges, writes Michael Taft.


ESB utility model works — replicate it for water

Irish Water was explicitly designed to meet the criteria of the market corporation test. The design is a failure, and an embarrassment for the Government, writes Seamus Coffey.

Lucinda Creighton commenting yesterday on Eurostat's ruling on Irish Water on the plinth at Leinster House. Eurostat ruled Irish Water failed its test on being independent, meaning at least €500m will be added to the national debt.

Irish Water: Utility a persistent unmitigated disaster

Irish Water has run from one controversy to another but now things have got a whole lot worse, writes political reporter Juno McEnroe.


The silent destruction of community growth

An average 35% reduction in funding for for community and voluntary organisations is having a detrimental impact on community development, writes Rory Hearne.


Government should capitalise on public appetite for reform

Mary C Murphy says while earlier Seanad reform proposals never saw the light of day. This Government has a chance to challenge that pattern of rejection.


We must clarify impact of sexual violence

A groundbreaking sex abuse and violence study in 2002 put the reality of the prevalence of sexual violence centre stage but we need an update says Ellen O’Malley-Dunlop.         


Effective governance is the way to creating better societies

Fighting corruption will not bring an end to poverty and casting the bad into the sea does not imply that good will come ashore, says Ricardo Hausmann.


Trump card divides Republican party

Donald Trump is ploughing millions of his own dollars into his campaign, but his party is still unsure whether he’s the ace — or the joker — in the pack, writes Bette Browne

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