A group of women wash used plastic bags for re-use at the shores of the river in Nairobi.

Nairobi slums work on cleaning up their act

A water development project is starting to make an impact, but many fear it is inequitable that residents have to take out small loans to have access to clean water, writes Elijah Wolfson


Office v Self-employed Christmas parties

My wife and I both work from home. Our party is far smaller so I don’t think there’ll be much scandal. We’ve both been with half the office


Sperm bank mix up leaves all-white lesbian couple with mixed-race little girl

JENNIFER CRAMBLETT and her partner live in Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio. Farming country. 


Opinion: Water charges boil down to a matter of principle

The Government’s new measures on charging for water have dealt with all but one of the major concerns expressed by protesters, writes Michael Clifford


Conservation grant a half-measure that muddies the waters

In 2012, public expenditure on water in Ireland was €1.5bn. This money is being spent on a system that does not work.