Polls apart on Scottish independence

The pollsters could be wrong about Scotland’s referendum, says Andrew Osborn


Tubridy faces tough task on tired format

THE Late Late Show is upon us again. On Friday, it will begin its 52nd season. Surely, the show is on its last legs. It is dispiriting. It lost its fire as a forum for national debate long ago, but what really irks are its inane celebrity interviews.

 Micheál Martin: Renewed vigour, hope and a platform there after the local elections.

Early days yet but FF hope to double Dáil seats to 40

Political Reporter Juno McEnroe talks to Micheál Martin about the next election


How substantial is Ukip threat?

David Cameron has allowed Eurosceptics to dictate the narrative of the UK debate on EU membership, says Mary C Murphy


Judge the rapist, not the victim

As a society, we must challenge the myths informing our attitude to sexual violence, writes Ellen O’Malley-Dunlop