Pedestrians on Cork's Oliver Plunkett St during the recent   flooding which hit the city centre.

Lukewarm response will cost us dearly

Government must act with strong legislation to combat the very real threat of climate change, writes Michael McCarthy


Wheel of Fortune: Personal Injuries Assessment Board

The Personal Injuries Assessment Board was established over a decade ago, but is it fully meeting the needs of all claimants? Two experts debate the board’s merits and effectiveness.


Internet defamation: who is legally responsible for online comments?

As the legal profession struggles to catch up with the age of social media, the question of who is responsible for defamatory remarks on websites is constantly evolving, says Hugh McCarthy.


Teens tweet threat to American Airlines has frightening connotations

A teenager’s threat to an airline prompted a flurry of copycats, despite her arrest, says Mark Johanson.


The steps required to achieve a fairer and more just Ireland

After years of decision-making at an elite level, a rights-based approach will give Irish people a stake in society, while necessary democratic reform will improve governance, says Fr Sean Healy.