A pro Russian Protest in the Ukrainian city of Donestsk in March.

West has options to counter Russians march to restore greatness

Vladimir Putin wants to restore Russia to what he claims is its former glory. And Ukraine is the starting point, writes Richard Haass

 People walk past an image of the Crimean peninsula, formerly part of a sovereign Ukraine for 23 years, that has been decked in Russia's white, blue, and red colours. Picture: Getty

To stay or to go: The question that lurks following Crimean annexation

Crimea, officially annexed by Russia, is experiencing turbulent times as Vladimir Putin puts his mark on all facets of life on the peninsula, writes Alissa de Carbonnel

Women like Amina do not have the freedom to move around, limited by inadequate funds and fear of being stopped and asked for papers.

Escaping persecution to live in limbo

Amina and myself are almost the same age. We both have grown-up children. We are both grandmothers. We both left our country of birth and are living in Ireland. But because of an accident of birth, our lives could not be more different.

Former Rehab CEOs Angela Kerins and Frank Flannery have refused to attend Public Accounts Committee hearings chaired by John McGuinness on payments to executives at the charity.

Rehab finances: The issue that refuses to go away

The refusal of ex-Rehab CEOs Angela Kerins and Frank Flannery to explain themselves — and a series of financial deals — in public will again come under the microscope during an emergency Dáil Public Accounts Committee meeting today, writes Fiachra Ó Cionnaith.


Wind power can deliver big gains for the country

If we give in to myths in arguments against wind energy, we risk losing a major opportunity for energy and economic development, writes Grace O’Sullivan