The 'Buffy' Email That Saved The Best Ever Episode Of Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman isn’t your usual comedy, in that it often deals with issues that comedies don't deal with, which may be strange from a comedy whose protagonist is a horse-man.


It is a dark comedy that isn’t to everyone's taste but if you like it, you probably love it.

This years stand out episode of the show showed Bojack get trapped under water the night of the premiere for his newest film is on.

It looks into Horseman’s predilection for self destruction and contains next to no dialogue, but it seems that Netflix weren’t best pleased with the idea of an art-house episode from the show.

So Co-creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg decided to change their minds with an email, quoting chief among them Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode Hush.

Hush came about when, critics of the show said that Buffy relied too heavily on dazzling dialogue to get it’s point across, so Joss Whedon decided to pen a silent episode to prove them wrong. The episode won him an Emmy.

The co-creator decided to adopt a similar strategy and sent this email to change their minds:

It must have worked because TIME magazine named the Bojack Episode TV episode of the year.

Bojack Horseman is available on Netflix worldwide now.

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