Martin O’Neill hoping to escape Fifa censure over referee criticism

Martin O’Neill has admitted that he is concerned about the outcome of Fifa’s disciplinary probe into the criticism he and James McClean made of the referee after Ireland’s World Cup qualifier against Austria at the Aviva in June. But he also said that he is hoping “the news will be good”.


Caddy JP Fitzgerald's shock treatment a critical jolt for Rory McIlroy

If ever you wanted to demonstrate to a young child just how quickly the fortunes in sport can turn around (once you have the right mindset), then all you have to do is look at how Rory McIlroy’s performance improved on Thursday and again yesterday, after the sharp rebuke from his caddy JP Fitzgerald, writes John McHenry.


OBITUARY: Tommy Carberry - Celebrated Irish jockey and trainer

Colm Greaves remembers Tommy Carberry. the who’s "belief that the candle could be burned at both ends never interfered with his sense of duty to a commitment"


Q&A: Brian Gregan: ‘The people who know and care about you will always be there, but outside of that you get totally forgotten’

Brian Gregan had been flagged as a potential star ever since his early teens, but the Dubliner became the forgotten man of Irish athletics in recent years after a series of interruptions. However, he roared back to life at the Morton Games in Santry this month, smashing his 400m personal best to win in 45.26. Ahead of his tilt at the World Championships in London, he will compete at the Irish Senior Championships in Santry this weekend