Munster Open Boat Championship, Cork Harbour, hosted by Crosshaven SAC
Individual winners: 1 Tony Santry, Caherciveen SAC, 51 fish, 516pts; 2 Sandra O’Shea, Cobh SAC, 39, 359pts; 3 Pat Condon, Carrigaline SAC, 45, 357pts; 4 Tony Cotter, Anglesea SAC, 18, 341pts; 5 James Brandon, Crosshaven SAC, 36, 313pts; 6 Anthony Austin, Crosshaven SAC, 29, 307pts; 7 Johnny Griffin, Caherciveen SAC, 31, 382pts.
River Lee: 10 salmon landed for week at the Cork City weir, best 10lbs using mostly shrimp.
River Bandon: Salmon fishing remained bad. Sea trout better on lower river with one 6lb sea trout.
Lough Currane: Bob White, UK, ended a 60-year famine when he caught his first Currane salmon on the troll while out with Michael O’Sullivan. Paul Hyland hooked three sea trout up to 4lbs on fly rod, Alex Donovan caught 12 sea trout.
Munster Blackwater: Glenmore beat saw nice grilse up to 4lbs on the fly. Henry Anson and his two sons Oscar and Archie caught their first salmon.
Lough Conn: Peter Roche, Mayo, caught a superb 6¼lbs brownie on a Green Peter Dabbler, in the Cormorant Rocks area.
Ballybay: Angling IFI 2 Day Match saw some good bags of fish being taken. UK-based angler Mick Smith caught over 40kgs on the first day and Peter Walsh had a bag of just over 20kgs on Day 2.
Inniscarra Lake: Scene is set for the 25 nations competing in the fourth FIPS-ed World Feeder Fishing Championships hosted by the National Coarse Fishing Federation of Ireland.
Kerry: Ullcatch’s Eugene Farrelly landed a tope which had been originally tagged in 2006. This 34.83lbs (15.8kg) fish was first tagged SW of Little Samphire Island in Kerry.
Cork Harbour: Well known angler, Jim Clohessy caught a cracking 78 cm /10.6lb bass.
Kinsale: Skipper, Michael Dennehy has plenty of sharks about as well as some good cod and reef fish.
Kells Bay SAC: Caitins Pub deep-sea angling boat competition: Results: 1: Johnny Boyle, 23 fish, 355pts; 2: Jack Lacey, 18, 295pts; 3: Michael Lynch, 11, 265pts; 4 Derry Flaherty, 15, 209pts.
Crosshaven SAC: Boat angling competition in Cork Harbour: Results: 1 Fred Vickery, 57 fish, 317pts; 2 Anthony Austin, 42, 237pts; 3 Tom Hanlon, 29, 213pts; 4 Christy O’Sullivan, 30, 308pts; 5 James Brandon, 33, 176pts; 6 Dan Lynch, 19, 163pts; 7 Fergus Ward. Best Juvenile: Jack Slyne, 28, 151pts.
Cork SAC: RNLI shore angling competition, The Spa, Fenit: Results: 1 Alan O’Dowling, 6 fish, 394pts; 2 Frank Cronin, 2, 150pts; 3 Con Cronin, 2, 148pts; 4 Noel Cashman, 2, 114pts; 5 Alan Hobbs, 1, 67pts; 6 Roy Calnan, 1, 57pts; 7 Eric Gosnell, 1, 55pts.
Crosshaven SAC: Conshaven Cup boat angling competition in Cork Harbour: Results: 1 Martin Perryman, 39 fish, 322pts; 2 Henry Ross, 28, 287pts; 3 Fred Vickery, 31, 235pts; 4 Anthony Austin, 27, 225pts; 5 James Brandon, 18, 212pts; 6 Eddie Deasy, 22, 210pts; 7 Christy O’Sullivan, 20, 210pts; 8 Tom Hanlon, 28, 204pts; 9 Stephen O’Neill, 17, 185pts; 10 Jonathan Martin, 26, 183pts.
Saturday: Kells Bay SAC Big Fish at anchor competition. Sunday: Monkstown SAC Cork Harbour Championships, 10am-6pm.

European Women’ s Youth and Junior Championships Assisi, Italy
Youth (Last 16)
51kg: K O’Hara (Ireland) beat I Neriman (Turkey) 2-1; 54kg: S Greene (Ireland) lost to M Gangloff (France) 0-3; 75kg: N Folan (Ireland) lost to E Saiushkina (Ukraine) 1-2
46kg: S Blaney (Irl) v B Kalmav (Hung); 52kg: N Logan (Irl) v A Krsnoperava (Rus); 54kg: S Flynn (Irl) v M Turkmen (Turk); 57kg: O Garvey (Irl) v V Kopeikina (Rus); 60kg: S Reilly (Irl) v F Madalina (Rom); 63kg: N O’Reilly (Irl) v M Freitag (Ger); 70kg: A Burke (Irl) v G Cseri (Hung).

Interprovincial Championship, The Island
Ulster v Connacht (Ulster names first)
Foursomes (8am at 10-minute intervals): C Selfridge/C Fairweather v B Anderson/G McDermott; D McElroy/C Sharvin v S Healy/D Loftus; C Campbell/S Coulter v S Flanagan/S O’Hara; JR Galbraith/M McClean v A Gleeson/J Lyons.
Singles (1pm): C Selfridge v G McDermott; D McElroy v B Anderson; C Sharvin v S Flanagan; JR Galbraith v S Healy; C Campbell v S O’Hara; C Fairweather v D Loftus; S Coulter v J Lyons.
Leinster v Munster (Leinster names first)
Foursomes (8.30am at 10-minute intervals): G Moynihan/G Collins v G Hurley/I O’Rourke; P McBride/D Holland v P Murray/G Lenehan; S Grehan/R Bridges v R Dawson/J Hickey; R Cannon/C O’Rourke v G O’Flaherty/N Gorey.
Singles (1.56pm): G Moynihan v P Murray; P McBride v G Hurley; S Grehan v R Dawson; G Collins v G O’Flaherty; D Holland v G Lenehan; R Bridges v I O’Rourke; R Cannon v N Gorey.
Boys Interpros
Leinster v Ulster (Leinster names first)
Foursomes: K Le Blanc/R Lester v J Fletcher/O Crooks; C Purcell/A Fahy v M McKinstry/R Long; T Mulligan/E Leonard v P Kerr/R Williamson.
Singles: K Le Blanc v J Fletcher; D Carey v J McVicker; E Leonard v P Kerr; A Fahy v R Long; T Mulligan v M McKinstry; C Purcell v O Crooks; R Lester v R Williamson.
Connacht v Munster (Connacht names first)
Foursomes: D Brady/S Doyle v J Sugrue/G Ward; T O’Driscoll/J Doherty v M MacGrath/R Hill; D Morley/J Healy v P Tobin/C Butler.
Singles: D Brady v J Sugrue; T O’Driscoll v M MacGrath; D Morley v P Tobin; S Doyle v B Murray; C Hughes v C Butler; J Doherty v R Hill; J Healy v G Ward.

Irish 7-a-side squad for CPISRA European Championships, Maia, Portugal, July 23-Aug 2: S LeStrange, D Byrne, J Markey, L Evans, P Leacy, D Sheridan, G Messett, R Nolan, T Badun, P Cotter, A Tier, B McGillivary, C McKee, E O’Flaherty.


7.45 - 525 - Julies Secret, Freffans Kestrel, Beechview Girl, Lisgreen Slippy, Rathfield Robin, Rabbit Catcher.
525 - Meenala Flor, Oilgate Cass, Getgoin Bobby, Castlegore Tipsy, Lagore Aliceva, Ballinrahin Star.
525 - Final Bound, Castlegore Missy, Aislings Blondy, Likeable Shaw, Moneyhill Sal, Seabound Lady.
525 - Abbeyville Olly, Plunkett Diane, Patricks Champ, Ardera Rio, Rathmoyle Defoe, Tar Amach Maisie.
525 - Fagans Solwit, Smooth Hound, Ballinlough Lady, Mr Socks, Bishops Collar,. My Black Star
525 - Starshinegeorgia, Cohiba Diva, Cooneen Scolari, Beechview Lad, Freffans Snipe, Tagalong Bolt.
525 - Benro Rocky, Superior Star, My Boy Charlie, Hashtag Unreal, Plunkett Robyn, Revtec Lara.
550 - Blackhall Kate, Thunder Cracker, Castlegore Gerry, Leos Coco, Kilara Spark, Sportsman Sam.
525 - Cool Moment, Abbeyville Silva, Portland Row, Ringtown Solero, Mayo Caviar, Arbour Star.
525 - Ballaghboy View, Editors Choice, Noitall, Ravenswood Flash, Clonminch Flyer, Lodgefield Wind.
525 - Parnell Jack, Doorock
Blackie Cham, Blackhall Willow, Maybe Susan, Good Girl Julie.
570 - Knockanree Issue, Aislings Molly, Lisgreen Eve, Benro Ginger, Lolos Alexander, Run Farley.
7.52 - 325 - Ellastyle, Looster Queen, Relaxed Customer, Out And About, Madibas Legacy, Ameerahs Judy.
525 - Ballyegan Cratur, Hunting Cash, Samba Smurf, Our Lady, Dromore Chinli, Oak High.
325 - Dun Kyle, Palenas Chum, Lanody Mill, Cuss Legend, Jeffs Machine, Gentle Maeve.
525 - Redstone Evra, Crown Traveller, Spinalong, Rushpool Rocky, Millridge Merc, Gentle Lia.
325 - Millridge Ghost, Rossies Kingdom, Coyote Queen, Jeffs Pharaoh, Afraid To Dream, Neas Choice.
525 - Caseys Book, Meanus Rose, Tacoma, Saleen Ann, Tewmax Star, Dixies Lad.
525 - Bowline Bullet, Send It Flight, Payyaway Reagan, Coolboy Cause, Sign On Beauty, Paddys Chief.
525 - Ferndale Wuff, Gurteen Mist, Outspoken, Jeffs Kate, Par Assassin, Metas Pet.
525 - J Kenny (Waterford) Wagga Hill (Headbound-Westhams Girl) 5/4; Black Eared Pea, 3/1, ½l, 29.99. Tote 3.20, 1.10, 1.10, 3.30.
525 - J Crotty (Waterford) Pammies Crystal (Gringos Verlingo-Melancholy) 2/1; Oaklands Rumble, 4/1, hd, 29.87. Tote 3.20, 2.70, 5.20, 17.20.
325 - L Kavanagh (Carrick on Suir) Grigavalla Jake (Ardera Power-Killough Angel) 4/5; Witches Raptor, 8/1, 5l, 17.79. Tote 2.00, 1.40, 2.10, 6.90. (Trn. N Walsh).
525 - N Enright (Dungarvan): Coolbeg Merkle (Skywalker Ace-The Other Steph) 2/1; Knockglass Ace, 3/1, 4l, 30.29. Tote 6.70, 2.50, 2.50, 13.80.
525 - W Barrett (Mitchelstown) Mulberry Ace (Ace Hi Rumble-Clares Yaris) 2/1; Adrenaline, 7/2, 1l, 29.59. Tote 3.00, 2.00, 2.00, 2.40, 26.90.
525 - M Lavery (Waterford) Whitesocks Annie (Sparta Maestro-Honey Sue) evens; Mister Fraggs, 4/1, 1l, 29.55. Tote 1.80, 1.50, 2.80, 5.60, 15.00.
325 - J Eagle (England) Comeragh King (Crash-Kingsmill Abu) 7/1; Carrowkeal Lily, 5/4, 2½l, 17.98. Tote 22.10, 2.70, 1.30, 30.00. (Trn W Twomey).
525 - R Williams (Bandon) Lislevane Swift (Makeshift-Stunning Tina) 4/6; Garryvoe Mick, 6/1, 2½l, 29.28. Tote 1.60, 1.60, 1.50, 35.20. (Trn F Mullin).
525 - L Rooney (Waterford) Sunwise Ice (Hondo Black- Tons Of Fun) 6/1; Touchtown Tip, 5/4, 3¾l, 29.01. Tote 6.00, 3.20, 2.30, 16.20.
525 - Rustys Sea, 29.56;
525 - Tyrur Babycakes, 29.73; Free Eagle, 29.61; 525 - Coyote Sea, 2951; 525 - Oulartleighannie, 29.59; 525 - Whitefort Cindy, 29.83; 525 - Mulrankin Sam, 29.87; 525 - Tagalong Feferer, 29.99.
330 - Meenirves, 17.95; 525 - Dash Of Class, 28.69; 525 - Gem Twist, 28.96; 330 - Cloonturk Bex, 17.82; 626 - Quare Mission, 28.53; 525 - Bolton Lucy, 29.17; 550 - Surley Bassi, 29.88; 330 - Monery Keano, 17.78; 525 - Drumsna Royal, 29.08.

ITF Men’s Futures Irish Open, Fitzwilliam
Qualifying Singles second round: (1) L Johnson (Gbr) bt J Cooper 6-3 6-1; S Carson (Aus) bt (2) S Duncan (Gbr) 7-6 (7/1) 6-3; (3) A Banasik (Gbr) bt C Lewit (USA) 6-3 6-3; B Dempsey (Irl) bt R Isaaks (Gbr) 6-0 6-2; A Skalsky (Gbr) bt T Carter (USA) 6-1 6-0; I Stoute (Gbr) bt F Molle (Irl) 6-1 6-4; B Thomson (Irl) bt E Seator (Gbr) 6-3 6-4; B Stride (Gbr) bt Mihail Vorobiev (Gbr) 6-0 6-0.

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