Kingdom coffers show ‘significant improvement’

The cost of preparing Kerry’s inter-county teams dropped by €11,000 to €755,000 this year.

The figures are detailed in the treasurer’s report to GAA Convention which takes place next Monday night.

The report — signed by treasurer JJ O’Carroll (Asdee) and assistant-treasurer Weeshie Lynch (Annascaul) — also shows that Kerry GAA had a surplus of €284,000 for 2013.

“That is a significant improvement on 2012 results (€157k loss),” O’Carroll’s report states. “This has been achieved with income of €165,000 from the five-year ticket scheme and €115,000 from development fundraising in the USA. Excluding these items an operating loss of €6,000 was incurred in day-to-day operations.”

O’Carroll added: “The results achieved for 2013 could not happen without the support of our players and managements who are aware of the economic difficulties we operate in.”

Income from gate receipts is up €31,000 mainly due to a number of replays in this year’s County SHC. O’Carroll’s report sounds a note of caution though as it points out that this intake is some €100,000 less than what was generated a few years ago.

The report highlights several other avenues of income. In just seven months the new Kerry GAA store, situated in Killarney’s Outlet Centre, has posted a profit of €13,000. The ‘Night of Champions’ fundraising event at Kerry Greyhound Track yielded a profit of €51,000.

In its four years in existence it has raised €255,000 for Kerry GAA. The Kerry GAA Golf Classic at Killarney in September raised €21,000.

The Board’s largest outlay was that €755,000 in the preparation of intercounty sides — some €150,000 of this amount was spent on physiotherapy and medical expenses.

“This is a major expense item,” said O’Carroll “and is a continuous challenge balancing the need to provide the best medical care to our players at the lowest possible expenditure.”

The report also accounted for a capital expenditure of €678,000 for work performed to date on the centre of excellence in Currans. Work is to continue on this project in 2014 and 2015 and on an IT Tralee development.

“The project,” said O’Carroll “received a major boost with the Kerry Group commitment of €1m in October. This funding — with the already approved grants from Croke Park (€1m), Munster Council (€1m), Cairde Chiarraí (€300,000) and USA (€115,000) — has put the project on a sound financial footing.”

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