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TONY LEEN: By any measure, Dublin are yards ahead

Afterwards there were tales of rape and pillage, of drug tests in dungeons. But the 11-point winning margin for Dublin in yesterday’s League Division 1 final is as good a metric as any by which to fire the engines of the summer scrimmage.


TONY LEEN: Old Head the golfing gem that’s the cherry on top for Ireland’s gourmet capital

It drives spin-off business in Kinsale to the tune of around €10m every year. Little wonder the reopening yesterday of the acclaimed Old Head golf links for 2016 has the town smiling. It isn’t just a boon for golfers, writes Tony Leen


TONY LEEN: This is one Cork should savour

BEYOND the team and their families, Cork will savour last night’s Munster U21 football final success for about as long as it takes someone to look up from their coffee this morning to ask: How does this change anything?