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THE SECRET FOOTBALLER: Man in the mirror won’t take Ronaldo to Old Trafford

At a time when the world seems to be having a nervous breakdown it’s very reassuring to note that Cristiano Ronaldo has over 53 million followers on Twitter. People still take the time to read and educate themselves.


THE SECRET FOOTBALLER: No strength or stability on show at insular Hampden

Our man inside the game wasn’t impressed with Gareth Southgate’s attempts to play political football after a poor England showing.


THE SECRET FOOTBALLER: Zizou and Ronaldo: A love story born of humility

The Secret Footballer watched the Champions League final with a group of fellow English professionals. They produced punditry gold and even a little wisdom.

Bernardo Silva.

THE SECRET FOOTBALLER: If you can’t beat them, buy them

Our man inside the game is braced for an onslaught of Premier League spending as clubs compensate for poor coaching by expensively filling the holes in their squads.


THE SECRET FOOTBALLER: And the TSF award goes to...

Our super sleuth recognises the moaners and chancers and spoofers and stars of the season with his inaugural awards ceremony, writes The Secret Footballer.


THE SECRET FOOTBALLER: The Alli shuffle: Not every young talent ends up as a punchline

The Next Big Thing was on the pitch at Tottenham’s White Hart Lane goodbye yesterday. Wayne Rooney was once the next big thing. Will Dele Alli learn from his mistakes, asks The Secret Footballer.


THE SECRET FOOTBALLER: Football must learn to care for minds as much as hamstrings

The Secret Footballer knows too well that depression can take root with no regard to profession or income...

Joey Barton: Made a loss of £16,708.29 on 1,260 bets he placed on football matches dating back to 2004.

THE SECRET FOOTBALLER: Joey Barton pays the price for football’s wages of sin

The Secret Footballer has been immersed in gambling culture all his career and knows Joey Barton is an easy fall guy.