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MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: LEADING QUESTIONS: How will Tipperary set up against Kilkenny?

Tipperary must play on the front foot on Sunday, while at all times maintaining a strict defensive system.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Do you still need a traditional full-back?

The discussion at the Tipperary press night was wandering here and there and eventually stuck on the notion of full-back play.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: It’s hard to get all the angles covered

Being in the Gaelic Grounds on Saturday night was interesting for any number of reasons, and proximity to the action was just one of them.

Patrick 'Bonner' Maher

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: ‘Bonner’ gets green light for showdown

Patrick ‘Bonner’ Maher has recovered from the rib injury he picked up in the semi-final win over Cork and will be available for next month’s All-Ireland SHC final against Kilkenny.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Victorious 1989 Cork team set to reunite

During the week Larry Tompkins seemed to annoy a few people in Mayo with some observations about the western footballers and their quest for an All-Ireland.

A steward removes netting from seats to provide extra space for the 68,728 attendance  at yesterday's All-Ireland SHC  semi-final between Cork and Tipperary. Picture: Inpho/Donall Farmer

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: A bright start key to enjoying big match day

I spent a chunk of last Saturday afternoon on the M8 heading south, and one thing impressed me more than the BMW jeep that went past me at a speed of — give it a rough guess — about 700 miles per hour.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: The insider’s guide to avoiding rookie errors

Damn you, internet! Sometimes I don’t know whether what you’re giving me is real or whether it’s being dreamed up by two stoned teenagers chained to a PC in someone’s basement, wondering whether to get the Domino’s deep-dish spectacular or not...

Armagh manager Paul Grimley refuses to speak to Newstalk reporter Colm Parkinson. Pic: Oliver McVeigh / SPORTSFILE

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Nothing to say about saying nothing

All right, so the obvious point: great athletes usually turn out to be stunningly inarticulate about just those qualities and experiences that constitute their fascination.
For me, though, the important question is why this is always so bitterly disappointing.
— David Foster Wallace

Mayo's Keith Higgins puts up the  shutters against  Cork's Aidan Walsh.

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Time arrives for update of terminology

Let’s move forward with our Gaelic football terms. Blanket. Sweeper.

MUCKY DAY IN MYANMAR: The Myanmar Celts and Singapore Gaelic Lions get together for a photocall after their historic match in Yangon.

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Myanmar opens heart to GAA

Gaelic games flower in Asian country once reluctant to embrace the outside world.

Michael Wadding: Took charge of 2011 hurling final.

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Munster hurling officials caught in vicious circle

I only caught up with the Setanta Sports series about referees recently, and it was well worth the effort.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Football and music the perfect mix for Kerry’s Dineen

Being a DJ, a photographer, a film-maker and former TV presenter doesn’t tell half the story of Donal Dineen.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Bouncing ideas for a better basketball future

July and August mean different things to different people, but for a lot of readers it means one thing no matter what sport they follow. Summer sports camps for the kids.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Fifa’s dizzy attitude to concussion danger

Sorry about that World Cup jinx, everybody.

Aidan Walsh - dual star

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Dual player nothing but an easy target

One of the side-effects of Cork’s heavy defeat at the hands of Kerry last Sunday is the general agreement that it has finally nailed down the coffin lid on the dual player in the 21st century. He’s gone. History. Finished.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Weekend of drama on a biblical scale

Devotees of the traditional championship structure probably woke today with a thumping headache.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: It’s okay to like both soccer and hurling

I like to call it the chocolate cake versus apple tart debate, because that’s how I roll. I keep the metaphors on the basic side, me.

American sportswriter Steve Rushin has had an amazing career, one of the highlights being when he was sent to Antarctica for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition with Kate Upton. Picture: AP Photo

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: The writer who used a baseball glove for a chair

Acclaimed American sportswriter Steve Rushin has been to the North and South Poles and most places in between. However, his love of the written word remains undimmed


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Big game cameras put discipline in focus

It wasn’t very long after Galway and Kilkenny had fought out their dramatic draw yesterday week when we got word in Tullamore that the replay wouldn’t be televised.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Are we ignoring a gambling epidemic?

Lately, I notice quite the competition between betting outlets in the advertisements on television.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Even the World Cup is fair game for fixers

Lord I wasn’t born a gambling man, as the Allman Brothers never sang.

Cork and Waterford players tangle off the ball after Cork goalkeeper Anthony Nash had a penalty saved by Waterford goalkeeper Stephen O'Keeffe. Picture: Diarmuid Greene / SPORTSFILE

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Failing to hit the target from 20m

Before last Sunday’s Munster SHC replay between Cork and Waterford, both teams were prevented from going out onto the Semple Stadium field.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: A closer look at Tipp identity crisis

Mark Zuckerberg may be an unlikely port of call in a discussion centred on the Tipperary hurlers, but the Facebook guru, or Satan of social media, depending on your viewpoint,offers a good starting point in this particular debate.