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MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Maintaining dual mandate at heart of Cork’s woes

The late, great Johnny Clifford had a handy expression for occasions like these.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Women’s sport in spotlight for wrong reasons

A week in the life of women and sport, eh?


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Games we play aren’t just the obvious ones

Given the noses in the southwest which were put out of joint last Friday by Conor McCarthy’s piece in these pages, should we start with off-field competition?


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Time Cork’s Rebel fans lowered flag for good

Just as expected, a Confederate flag was unfurled on the Killinan End in Thurles on Saturday night among Cork supporters.

Colm Bonnar, 1996

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Colm Bonnar’s playback of Munster duels with Déise

Derek McGrath mentioned it in passing last week but it’s a game worth revisiting.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Boring boors who bash women’s game miss the point

Amanda Marcotte of the online magazine Slate did the state some service recently when pinpointing a flaw or two in the admittedly tired criticism of the Women’s World Cup, which was running over the past few weeks.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Being there all the way quite the challenge

The GAA line you’ve heard and seen all summer is a simple one.

A fitting tribute for Tipperary hurling legend Jimmy Doyle, near the Island Crematorium in Ringaskiddy, Co Cork.

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: VIDEO: They wept for a departed friend: Farewell Jimmy Doyle

THURLES, but not as we know it.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Hard to beat early season local fare

Typically you see the All-Ireland final heralded as the tip of the pyramid, the pinnacle of the GAA year (even if it comes in September).


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Professional approach must work both ways

I enjoyed my holidays, thanks very much. Catalonia is a nice place to be any time, but particularly in the week that Barcelona won the European Cup, with plenty of fireworks in our locality. 


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: We could do with our very own negotiator

Between Mr Sepp ‘Steering The Ship’ Blatter (see elsewhere on this page), Mr Patrick ‘Golf Balls’ Neary (see the finance/comedy section) and Mr REDACTED REDACTED’REDACTED (see various legal eagles), it hasn’t been a great few days for prominent personages.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Added baggage to hosting global games

You’re backing the bid for the Rugby World Cup? 

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MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Friday is the chance to take a stance and vote ’yes’

For this observer there’s a sense of the 1968 US Presidential election about the forthcoming marriage referendum.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: It’s time to shut sledgers up for good

I see verbal intimidation is now coming under the microscope of GAA discipline. Maybe under the dictaphone would be a better term, though. Or the boom microphone.

Donal Óg Cusack, GPA Chairman

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: GPA shred the fig leaf of unevolved

Last week we told you in these pages that the Gaelic Players Association had polled its members seeking their approval for a simple proposal — whether or not the organisation should support a yes vote in the forthcoming marriage referendum.