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MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Putting sexism within the GAA into the spotlight

The news that Roisin Jordan of Tyrone has become chair of Tyrone GAA was greeted warmly this week as a step forward for the Association, and that appointment wasn’t the only development of its kind in the last few days.

Alan Quirke

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: UCC return for Rebel Quirke

Cork’s 2010 All-Ireland-winning goalkeeper Alan Quirke is to join UCC’s Department of Sport and Physical Activity as a sports officer.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Kimmage right to ask thorny drugs questions

We know about the stuff people like to hear. What about the stuff that people don’t like to hear? Paul Kimmage’s comments about rugby the weekend before last fall into that category.

Kieran Donaghy

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Donaghy’s glowing tribute to the Nire

Kieran Donaghy won’t forget The Nire anytime soon, writes Michael Moynihan.

Jack Kyle

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: A sporting life taken before time

The passing of two sportsmen this week gave everybody pause, and little wonder.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Devil in detail for meticulous Joe

These are the good days for Joe Schmidt, and there may be a slight danger of looking ahead a little too fast.

Anto Finnegan leaves the field  with his daughter Ava after Ulster Allstars XV played Dublin 2013 in the #GameForAnto at Ravenhill. Picture: Oliver McVeigh

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Michael Moynihan column: Not every sports star is role model material

The Ched Evans controversy in Britain has provided plenty of talking points in the last couple of weeks.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Hawk talk takes unlikely turn

I promise to enforce a statute of limitations on Web Summit references. It was only last week, though, so surely you’re not jaded with the coverage just yet. You’re not? Good.

Bill James: Now working for the Boston Red Sox as a consultant, his work in the field of baseball data has had a huge influence on the game.

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Pioneering James opens up on the numbers game

In appearance, Bill James reminds you of Michel Lonsdale, the French actor best known for his portrayal of Lebel, the detective who catches the assassin in Day of The Jackal.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Michael Moynihan, Web Summit 2014

David Epstein got the Sports Stage section of the 2014 Web Summit in Dublin off to a terrific start yesterday with a strong plea for the usefulness of small data in sport.

Kieran Kingston

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Keeping it simple key, says Kingston

Outgoing Cork hurling selector Kieran Kingston says nothing prepares coaches for the cutting edge of senior inter-county team preparation.

Colin Regan

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Bringing mental fitness into play

Maintaining mental fitness requires work and skill development in the same way as maintaining our physical fitness does.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Managers and coaches gatekeepers for players’ well-being

Everyone welcomes the new focus and openness on mental health within the GAA – recent efforts to remove the stigma about discussing such issues are doing wonders for people facing these challenges all over the country.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Munster Council set to revise split of big-game gate receipts

Munster GAA chiefs are planning to change the division of gate revenue among counties in the Munster championship.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Last post for resolute Bradlee

Ben Bradlee died last week at the age of 93.

Sean Potts

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Player burn-out focus of ‘very hard-hitting’ GPA report

GPA head of communications Sean Potts revealed yesterday that the player organisation will release a "very hard-hitting" report on player burn-out in the coming weeks, reports Michael Moynihan


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Michael Moynihan column: The truth behind the numbers in American Football 

A piece by Daniel Engber on slate.com struck me recently, as the saying goes, as deserving of a wider audience, writes Michael Moynihan.

Cats manager Brian Cody's criticism of Barry Kelly just latest of worrying trend.

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Targeting of referees of no service to hurling

The furore over Brian Cody’s criticism of Barry Kelly last weekend has shed some light on a little-discussed phenomenon in the GAA, the shadowy world of county-referee incompatibility, where it can be claimed without fear of contradiction that a certain county has issues with a certain official.

Paul Galvin attack

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Big day finally arrives: It’s the alternative hurling awards 2014

The inter-county hurling season came to a close on Saturday night, which means only one thing: the end of year awards.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Tradition still packs quite a wallop

After the revolution, the restoration.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Still a market for shooting boots

Rolling north through the pleasant greenery of Tipperary, Laois and er, the other counties you pass getting to Dublin gave me a chance to catch up on my reading.


MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: ‘We looked tired, a wee bit lethargic’

With the gunsmoke still clearing from the battlefield, Jim McGuinness was trying to puzzle out what had happened and was starting to regret his side’s conservatism.

Umberto Eco

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Contradiction all part of the game

Knowing the sheer quality of my readers, when I (skilfully) drop the name Umberto Eco, I can almost see them nod in recognition.