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LIAM MACKEY: Clicking of the turnstiles pays for league overheads

I’m not trying to claim an assist, you understand, but I’d just like to state for the record that I’d raised the subject of overhead kicks at Turner’s Cross last week some time before Colin Healy lit up the night with his sensational exhibition of that fine art.


LIAM MACKEY: New ball game for US and us

A small, brown-skinned, wise-cracking guy in his mid-20s from Michigan, his name was Alex, and he kept the passengers on the funicular going up to Rio’s Christ The Redeemer statue royally entertained with stories of his adventures as one of the thousands of USA supporters who’d made the trip to Brazil for the World Cup.


LIAM MACKEY: Brazil living the nightmare all over again

Brazil has been numbed by the 7-1 humiliation to Germany in Belo Horizonte on Tuesday night.


LIAM MACKEY: Brazil desperately need a new phenomenon

There were just a handful of us in the lift coming down from the press box in the Corinthians Arena in Sao Paulo last week when the doors opened and in walked... ‘O Fenomeno,’ I heard myself involuntarily mutter under my breath.

The Christ the Redeemer statue on Corcovado Hill with, in the background, Rio de Janeiro's Maracana stadium which will host the World Cup final on July 12. Picture: Getty Images

LIAM MACKEY: The big man and the mountain

Top o’ the world, ma! And top of the World Cup too. Yes, I finally did it.


LIAM MACKEY: A letter from Brazil: We all live in a yellow submarine

This country’s Bureau Of Tropical Diseases has issued an urgent warning about an expected massive outbreak of yellow fever next Friday.


LIAM MACKEY: Suarez’s taste for biting since he was a snapper

Soccer writer, Liam Mackey, gives his thoughtful, considered reaction to the latest Luis Suarez outrage?


LIAM MACKEY: Beeb’s Rio and Thierry show is a surprise hit

With Lee Dixon left to carry the fight for ITV — and even he wouldn’t command much of a purse — it’s already turned into a straight battle off the field between RTÉ and BBC.

Argentina's Lionel Messi celebrates scoring his side's second goal against Bosnia (AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano).

LIAM MACKEY: Sweet dreams are made of Messi magic

I think I’ve found a cure for sleep deprivation and, no, desperate parents, it doesn’t involve the controversial ‘Herod tough love’ method.

Even at 35, the wondrous Andrea Pirlo is the man who still makes Italy tick. Picture: AP Photo/Antonio Calanni

LIAM MACKEY: How will England self-destruct this time?

Slamming, body-rocking heat greeted the traveller in Manaus yesterday. When even the local taxi driver wipes his forehead and declares it’s "mucho calde" you know this isn’t a climate for the faint-hearted.

Brazil fans hold a giant shirt shaped flag during the opening game at Arena de Sao Paulo. Picture: Elsa/Getty Images

LIAM MACKEY: Where history and hysteria rhyme

Greetings from Hio — and no, you haven’t read that wrong.

The Official FIFA match ball, the brazuca. Picture: Adam Davy/PA Wire

LIAM MACKEY: The Horror of Leaving for Rio

You find me today preparing for The Leaving.


LIAM MACKEY: This is not a tale of treachery or betrayal

He came, he saw, he went home… Should the creators of the hilarious Saipan spoof I, Keano decide to write a sequel, the tagline might be a bit more of a mouthful.


LIAM MACKEY: All talked out about Stephen

We have to talk about Stephen. Well, actually, we don’t, but it seems that in at least every other encounter with a manager of the Republic of Ireland over the past seven years, we end up talking about Stephen.