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KIERAN SHANNON: Exciting U21 grade should be cherished, not destroyed

In football there always seems to be someone giving out about football, writes Kieran Shannon

Shay Given

KIERAN SHANNON: Ultimate pro Shay Given proves cup magic alive and well

The hip thing to do in recent times at any mention of the romance of the FA Cup is to scoff, but is anyone else uplifted that for all the talk about a fitting Wembley send-off for Stevie G, the termination of that possibility has simultaneously opened up the prospect of a fairytale story for a Shay G?


KIERAN SHANNON: Rise above negativity and you’ll see semi-final positives

For a weekend that has served up some lovely football in recent years, there’s been little love for the football league semi- finals in some quarters.


KIERAN SHANNON: The making of a master: Making legends at Augusta

You might have won a major before but following it up with a green jacket elevates your status to another level.


KIERAN SHANNON: Football isn’t dead but it’s poorly

It was hard to know which prompted the greater sense of outrage last Saturday night: the way Dublin and especially Derry went about the joyless business of trying to get a result in Croker or Jarlath Burns declaring via Twitter that the game signalled ‘The death of Gaelic football’, writes Kieran Shannon.


KIERAN SHANNON: Might Ireland be stronger for Brian O’Driscoll’s absence?

For all we now hear that sportspeople have no obligation to be role models, our rugby players and coaches are.


KIERAN SHANNON: Interview: Rob and Marian Heffernan are totally in sync

She won’t be there today. While her husband Rob powers it out this morning around the southern Slovakian spa town of Dudince in a time that should qualify him for next year’s Rio Olympics, Marian Heffernan will be at home in Douglas with the kids and expecting another one.

Jim McGuinness

KIERAN SHANNON: Legislators need to take action as Gaelic football being stifled to death

A few weeks ago I got talking to a manager of a county football team. His team had made good progress playing a fine attacking style of football but in recent games had come unstuck against extreme massed defences, writes Kieran Shannon.


KIERAN SHANNON: This Ireland team have a commitment to being world class in everything

It’s attention to detail that makes Ireland a bit special, writes Kieran Shannon.


KIERAN SHANNON: Balance needed as penalties for some fouls outweigh the crime in GAA

With the great and wise of the GAA congregating next Saturday in Cavan, a recent conversation among a gathering of other minds down here in Clare is worth sharing, writes Kieran Shannon. This story is enriched with multi-media content


KIERAN SHANNON: Patient Ger Cunningham looks ready to look after No. 1 in Dublin

The problem if you make any conclusions after just one round of the league is you can make yourself a hostage to fortune, not just later in the summer but later the same week.

TIME OUT: Eoin Kelly, the former  Tipperary All Star hurler and scoring  machine.  He now nearly wonders how he fitted in hurling at all. Picture: Jim Coughlan

KIERAN SHANNON: The Kieran Shannon Interview: Eoin Kelly, former Tipperary All Star hurler

Two All-Ireland titles and multiple All Star awards have secured Eoin Kelly’s place in Tipperary hurling folklore. Now he is slowly growing accustomed to life as a former inter-county hurler, but the memories of the glory days in blue and gold are as fresh as ever.


KIERAN SHANNON: The league isn’t something just to get through

In case you’re understandably excited about the dawn of another hurling season to the point of relishing its league, apologies to temporarily provide a bit of a dampener, or a bit of context, or at least someone else’s perspective, writes Kieran Shannon.


KIERAN SHANNON: Lionhearted Legend - Interview with Peter Stringer

Only three Irish players have ever had more experience of days and games like this but by now, Peter Stringer has become reluctantly accustomed to looking in from the outside on them.

Kieran Shannon

KIERAN SHANNON: Lampard’s respectful return tells a lot about the man

To cheer or to jeer, that is the question, writes Kieran Shannon.

FIRED UP: Aaron Kernan believes modern players must learn how to properly prepare, play, win — and lose.

KIERAN SHANNON: The Kieran Shannon Interview: Aaron Kernan, former Armagh footballer

Aaron Kernan’s retirement at 30 years of age disappointed many, including Joe Brolly. But it wasn’t because the Armagh great was some kind of indentured slave. It was just time to re-prioritise his life.