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Liam O'Neill

KIERAN SHANNON: Club players need to be offered more championship action

At this time of year, we’re supposed to be entering rugby country for the next while, but really, can a month that hosts so many county finals be more GAA than October?


KIERAN SHANNON: Maturing Keane learns from mistakes

The first thing about Roy Keane’s latest book is that it’s brilliant. Or since it was Roddy Doyle who ghosted it, and not our old mentor Cormac MacConnell, it’s f**king brilliant, deadly altogether, writes Kieran Shannon.


KIERAN SHANNON: Shane Curran: Tea and a slice of cake

They say you have to be mad to be a goalkeeper, and Shane ‘Cake’ Curran is proof enough of that. Over the course of his career, with Roscommon and St Brigid’s, Curran has proved one of the most colourful characters in the GAA — and the organisation is so much better for it.


KIERAN SHANNON: Jimmy, like Ger, had the vision and drive to transform game

It was almost 20 years ago today that Ger Loughnane taught his band of men to play — and win.


KIERAN SHANNON: ‘Mistakes? I’ve made a few’

He’s had what Munster veterans like to call the odd ‘brain fart’, but Conor Murray has gone from a wet-behind-the-ears wannabe to Lions scrum-half in no time.

Henry Shefflin

KIERAN SHANNON: Players — even Henry — may come and go but Kilkenny will never break

This tent, it seems, is pitched here forever.


KIERAN SHANNON: Kerry win because their managers are humble enough to learn

They’re not just cute. As Paul Curran of Dublin fame put it so well in conversation after this year’s Munster football final, "They’re annoyingly cute."

Jim McGuinness

KIERAN SHANNON: Jimmy did powerful job rebooting ailing charges

To justly appreciate the phenomenon that has been Jim McGuinness’s tenure with Donegal it would be an idea to ponder this question: in which of his four years in charge do you think he’s done the best coaching job?

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KIERAN SHANNON: A dual jewel

Briege Corkery, along with her Cork colleague Rena Buckley, is on the verge of claiming the highest All-Ireland medal count in GAA history, not that she thinks about such things. There might be life left in the dual star so – and there’s certainly plenty of life in this one.


KIERAN SHANNON: That’s how winning is done

Let me tell you somethin’, the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.


KIERAN SHANNON: Farewell James, but your Mayo marvels will finish the job

A member of Mayo's backroom team, Kieran Shannon, recalls the emotional moment when James Horan announced he was stepping down as Mayo manager.

Picture: Clive Wasson

KIERAN SHANNON: Cassidy an open book

This weekend three years ago Kevin Cassidy played in the infamous/immortal Donegal-Dublin All-Ireland semi-final. He did not know at the time it would be his last game for the county. But since his fallout with Jim McGuinness life went on, and he moved on.

Match of the Day

KIERAN SHANNON: Retro TV and Pearce have us dreaming dreams

No matter what else the television sports year offers up, we think we saw its most delightful touch last Saturday night.

Eamon O'Shea

KIERAN SHANNON: Staggering setback for team on upward curve

Over time it all tells. It might take time, or in hurling it might take games, as Eamon O’Shea pointed out in these pages last Saturday. 

Patrick Duffy's pioneering work — for that's what it was — was never about him

KIERAN SHANNON: Visionary Pat Duffy is gone but Hope lives on

For all the big crowds and big names that will descend upon his home place in the coming days, you may not have heard about Pat Duffy’s premature passing last weekend.


KIERAN SHANNON: There’s a reason why the football is better in March than June

So, it finally ignited.

Rosie Foley goes for a dip in the sea at Killaloe, Co Clare. Picture: Valerie O'Sullivan

KIERAN SHANNON: Waves of optimism

ust like her brother Anthony, Rosie Foley has always been a leader, captaining Munster and playing for her country. She even swam the English Channel last week ahead of the women’s rugby World Cup.

Anthony Daly

KIERAN SHANNON: A seventh year for Daly wouldn’t be right for him or Dublin

It’s all about time. Anthony Daly knows it.