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JOHN RIORDAN: New York preparations on ice as Abu Dhabi temperatures soar

New York has an uneasy relationship with the Middle East. I know there are some thoughts reverberating around some players’ heads, especially those whose childhoods were disrupted by the events of 9/11.


JOHN RIORDAN: Missing the finer points leads to major setbacks

We have to get our heads around the amount of space left when 18 players roam around a soccer-sized pitch, says John Riordan.


JOHN RIORDAN: New York’s Gaels ready to take on the world

We’re not travelling almost 7,000 miles to spend our evenings in the pub. I also told them that we shouldn’t be under any illusions — we’re up against it, says John Riordan.


JOHN RIORDAN: Gridiron grinds on amid travails of ‘Johnny Football’

Here was a player who arrived all guns blazing, celebrating the few touchdowns he scored or created by rubbing his fingers together to signify all the money his talents generated, says John Riordan.

Cornerback Richard Sherman #25 of the Seattle Seahawks celebrates with fans after defeating the Arizona Cardinals 35-6 in the NFL game at the University of Phoenix Stadium on December 21, 2014 in Glendale, Arizona.

JOHN RIORDAN: Talking over as New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks set to raise hell in Arizona

How much more hype from over here can you stand? says John Riordan.

Conor McGregor

JOHN RIORDAN: Battling Conor McGregor wins over the US heartland

The NFL and the UFC have a lot in common. Both are vaudevillian nightmares that shouldn’t work but really seem to manage just fine, says John Riordan.


JOHN RIORDAN: The winners who make sexuality in life and sport more normal

We battle to understand athletes and we never truly get what makes their minds work, suggests John Riordan.


JOHN RIORDAN: After 47 years, Ice Bowl still sends a chill down spine

The NFL loves it when a good plan comes together. Or so it must seem for the poor Detroit Lions, whose play-off demise on Sunday was sparked by a highly-questionable refereeing decision.


JOHN RIORDAN: 2015 kicks off with a bang as gridiron stakes hot up

There’s no knowing what 2015 will serve up but it will start with a bang tomorrow in the US.


JOHN RIORDAN: Uncertain times as America’s game embraces the fear

If you saw the Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch plough through the Arizona Cardinals defence for a late touchdown on Sunday night, then you had the opportunity to enjoy one of the highlights of this NFL season.


JOHN RIORDAN: Jumbled college system throws up the chosen four

What if there was no right answer and all you had to work with were the least imperfect options, followed by a couple of wrong answers?

The Sam Maguire cup

JOHN RIORDAN: When Sam Maguire went missing on the streets of New York

Next week in New York the county board’s centenary celebrations will end on a high note with the launch of the extensively researched Fergus Hanna 100-year history of the GAA in New York, writes John Riordan.