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JOHN RIORDAN: Murphy takes first fighting steps on long road to the top

What Cusack, O’Neill and Duffy come up with should constitute plenty of change for now.

David Villa

JOHN RIORDAN: Cosmos thinking big as Raul looks the real deal

Tomorrow is Pele’s birthday — or maybe it was yesterday. Depends on where you fact check.

Pep Guardiola

JOHN RIORDAN: Sharp suit says so much in a GAA world without any frills

We chuckled about the suit a little on the sidelines at the Rockland GAA club on Saturday, but there’s a nice reason why Elliot Whitney wears it, writes John Riordan.


JOHN RIORDAN: How Big Easy shaped legend of Manning

There was a nice little documentary on the radio here a couple of weeks ago which sought to debunk the corporate creation myths of the most successful entrepreneurs who rose up to dominate our daily lives.

Derek Jeter

JOHN RIORDAN: Baseball needs new narrative to eclipse Jeter’s long goodbye

Now that Derek Jeter has left baseball, the rest of the sport can focus on the real business of October, the play-offs and the suddenly dramatic road to the World Series.


JOHN RIORDAN: New York look for American dream to come true at Croker

The New York ladies football team did the tour of Croke Park a month ago.


JOHN RIORDAN: It’s more than the game that matters in NFL

IT’S hard to avoid this repeated hand wringing about the NFL and its inability to stay opaque in our overwhelmingly transparent era of journalism.


JOHN RIORDAN: The NFL is facing into a major brand-salvaging operation

Before it gets grim around here, allow me to get a little sentimental.


JOHN RIORDAN: Furlong’s Falcons heartbreak shows how cruel sport can be

Over the weekend, multiple hearts were broken across the NFL, as fringe players were told they wouldn’t be making their respective teams’ final 53-man squads.


JOHN RIORDAN: Sport keeps head in the sand on traumatic brain injury issue

I don’t know if you caught that little online scuffle between yet-to-retire boxer Floyd Mayweather and his former stacks-of-cash ally, rapper 50 Cent.


JOHN RIORDAN: Enjoy those golden voices, you won’t hear them again

There will come a point where we no longer feel like being deferential to the ostentatious voices of sport. That’s probably a good thing, on balance.


JOHN RIORDAN: High priests must get inside the heads of converts

The Junior B Football game scheduled for the first day of the North American Finals at the end of this month stands out: Cayman Islands v Raleigh (North Carolina).

Roger Goodell

JOHN RIORDAN: NFL in danger of losing sight of what really matters

The new NFL season in the US is bringing with it more moral confusion than ever and it’s only the beginning of August.