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JOHN RIORDAN: Sport keeps head in the sand on traumatic brain injury issue

I don’t know if you caught that little online scuffle between yet-to-retire boxer Floyd Mayweather and his former stacks-of-cash ally, rapper 50 Cent.


JOHN RIORDAN: Enjoy those golden voices, you won’t hear them again

There will come a point where we no longer feel like being deferential to the ostentatious voices of sport. That’s probably a good thing, on balance.


JOHN RIORDAN: High priests must get inside the heads of converts

The Junior B Football game scheduled for the first day of the North American Finals at the end of this month stands out: Cayman Islands v Raleigh (North Carolina).

Roger Goodell

JOHN RIORDAN: NFL in danger of losing sight of what really matters

The new NFL season in the US is bringing with it more moral confusion than ever and it’s only the beginning of August.


JOHN RIORDAN: Why I’m in awe of what youth coaches achieve

Not many of us are naturally inclined towards coaching kids during our selfish twenties.

Mike Perez

JOHN RIORDAN: A Rebel ready to rumble as Perez back in the garden

Who knows what’s going through Mike Perez’s head this week?

LeBron James

JOHN RIORDAN: LeBron’s philanthropic direction reassuring on every level

On Saturday, July 5, the LeBron James camp approached Sports Illustrated writer Lee Jenkins and set in train what is arguably the best scoop of the US sporting year.


JOHN RIORDAN: The rise and rise of a great GAA event

There was a great old buzz in New York’s GAA circles a couple of weeks back when the two Féile teams performed so admirably in the west of Ireland and now the countdown to the Continental Youth Championships can really begin.


JOHN RIORDAN: Gehrig’s dignity a world away from Kidd’s big gamble

On Friday, when the fireworks pop and the hotdogs sizzle for the annual celebration of Independence Day in the United States, New York Yankees fans will have another impossibly sentimental reason to hark back on past Fourth of Julys.


JOHN RIORDAN: USA takes a further step to becoming genuine contenders

That thrilling, slightly jarring draw between the US and Portugal on Sunday night was the most watched soccer game of all time in America.

"I have always greeted with renewed surprise the well-worn "Cork love going to Thurles" line. I've retained a deep-seated suspicion of the place."

JOHN RIORDAN: Finally, I think I’m starting to get over my Thurles phobia

My first visit to Semple Stadium was a depressing one that has probably shaped me into the cynic that I am.


JOHN RIORDAN: Real life has a nasty habit of muscling in on the fantasy

I never thought I’d replace Cork Coffee Roasters after moving to New York.


JOHN RIORDAN: Building new team around Villa puts New York on map

That’s what you call a statement of intent; New York City FC signing striker David Villa on Monday was an impactful moment.