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DONAL O'GRADY: Another tactical masterclass from Brian Cody's Kilkenny

Galway needed to be in touch as the game entered the crucial last ten minutes but they faded badly when they needed to kick on, having impressed when leading by three points at half-time.


DONAL O'GRADY: Galway’s workrate and determination winning formula

It was without doubt the game of the year. The picture of the Tipp players prostrate on the ground as Galway celebrated said it all. The Premier came up just short and Galway won because they stubbornly refused to be beaten.


DONAL O'GRADY: Negating Joe Canning tops Tipperary agenda

I was impressed by how comfortable Tipperary were against Waterford in the Munster final. 


DONAL O'GRADY: Waterford Mistakes punished by Kilkenny masters

The game panned out more or less as I expected. Waterford put in a spirited challenge and were never fully out of the game but Kilkenny’s class up front told in the second half.


DONAL O'GRADY: Waterford will have to bring their ‘A’ game

Like all good teams, whatever the sport, Kilkenny set up to be very difficult to beat. 

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DONAL O'GRADY: Cork forced to resort to hit and hope

If Cork fans were told before the game that Galway would strike 23 wides to seven for the Rebels, they would have rubbed their hands in anticipation.


DONAL O'GRADY: Dublin must target Kevin Moran, the Waterford Braveheart

Waterford weren’t as sharp against Tipp as they were earlier in the spring. They’re training since last autumn. Fatigue can surreptitiously seep into a losing dressing room.


DONAL O'GRADY: Derek McGrath must now galvanise Waterford

Victories are often glossed over while defeats are analysed intently. So how will Waterford react to their first loss of 2015?


DONAL O'GRADY: Mr Mo Mentum on Dublin’s side as Limerick show lack of composure

Jeff Reinebold features as an analyst on Sky’s NFL coverage. He is fond of a fickle character who inevitably helps the winning team from a vital juncture in the game. He calls him Mr Mo Mentum.

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