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IN MEMORY: Thirty yearso n f r o m t h e H e y s e ldisaster, when 39 peoplelost their lives at theE u r o p e a n C u p f i n a l , families are still awaitinganswers.

DAVID SHONFIELD: Heysel: The long road towards closure

Time is a great healer. So it is said.


DAVID SHONFIELD: Minnows manage to defy the odds

The map of European football is changing and it’s time to celebrate the rise of the outsiders.

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DAVID SHONFIELD: Champions League plots thicken with whiff of sulphur in the air

There is enough intrigue as well as quality in the Champions League semi-finals this week to have any football fan salivating, writes David Shonfield.


DAVID SHONFIELD: Will 2015 be year of the French?

Most seasons have a defining moment. In France, it came on Sunday night.


DAVID SHONFIELD: When a soccer friendly is not really a friendly

All friendly matches are equal but some are more equal than others, writes David Shonfield.


DAVID SHONFIELD: Belief the key for Arsenal and Man City in Champions League

English clubs are becoming so cushioned financially that they may be a softer touch in Europe, writes David Shonfield.


DAVID SHONFIELD: David Shonfield: PSG can thrive in midfield minefield against Chelsea

Paris Saint-Germain believe they can beat Chelsea in the Champions League tomorrow night, writes David Shonfield.


DAVID SHONFIELD: Iberian allies fight TPO axe

Fifa is facing a serious revolt within the ranks against its ban on third party ownership (TPO) of players which was imposed in December, writes David Shonfield.