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DAVID SHONFIELD: China enters the ball game

Forget the London clubs. Forget Manchester. Forget Paris, Monaco and Rome. The most significant foreign investment in European football came last week and it’s not Russian, Arab or American but Chinese, writes David Shonfield.

Besiktas is a well known club. But it too faces difficulties.

DAVID SHONFIELD: Fans turn their backs on Turkish football

Turkish football has a turbulent history but no-one could anticipate the crisis unravelling this season, writes David Shonfield

Olympiakos (file photo) are a bit like Barcelona: more than just a club. They dominate Piraeus and the surrounding region, just outside Athens, and the club has a major economic and political influence.

DAVID SHONFIELD: Greece’s Old Firm facing a genuine challenge

Football sometimes seems like politics in disguise but in Greece, the opposite is also true, writes David Shonfield.


DAVID SHONFIELD: Crusade to restore Serie A’s glory days

Italian football has its share of unusual characters, none more so than Renzo Ulivieri.


DAVID SHONFIELD: Can present era stand comparison with the Golden Age?

The Golden Age of Football...now when was that exactly?

Marcelo Bielsa Caldera

DAVID SHONFIELD: Bielsa brings new passion to Marseille

The story goes about Marcelo Bielsa, manager of Marseille, that back in Argentina, he had a football pitch built next to his home in the country.


DAVID SHONFIELD: Lessons to be learned from flawed group stage

The Champions League group stage was due a knife-edge finale and it has duly arrived. Just four group winners have been decided and only one runner-up.

Lionel Messi

DAVID SHONFIELD: Hard to get worked up about Messi, not so Chelo?

Lionel Messi is a household name, even for those who don’t follow football, whereas the chances are that even football anoraks would have to check the identity of Marcelo Estigarribia.

Michel Platini

DAVID SHONFIELD: The year whipping boys hit back

It was said that the euros would be devalued. Not the currency, the football.


DAVID SHONFIELD: New-look Poland must prove credentials away from home

Kick-off for Friday’s European qualifier between Georgia and Poland in Tbilisi is 9pm, one hour and a quarter later than the match in Glasgow.


DAVID SHONFIELD: Things are about to get serious

Tonight is when the Champions League starts to get serious.