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DAVID SHONFIELD: Pace and width now priceless commodities

"A healthy dressing room is worth more than 100 hours of tactics," declared Vicente Del Bosque as he and his team prepared to jet off to Brazil to defend their title.

THE MAESTRO: Lionel Messi was still the one player (with due respect to Arjen Robben) who looked capable of producing the moment of true brilliance that could transform a match. Argentina would not have reached the final without him.

DAVID SHONFIELD: Global game in fine health

1. You reap what you sow — eventually
Germany deserved to win their fourth title, but it hasn’t come easily.


DAVID SHONFIELD: Renowned as a fighter, it’s time for Big Phil to box clever

In Brazil he is Felipão; the world knows him as Big Phil.

Arjen Robben

DAVID SHONFIELD: Cheats will continue to prosper in absence of instant replays

Do a search for ‘World Cup’ and ‘simulation’ on the internet and you’ll find all sorts of predictions, most of them wrong.

Cristiano Ronaldo

DAVID SHONFIELD: Hard not to feel sorry for Ronaldo

This was supposed to have been Cristiano Ronaldo’s tournament. His heroics against Sweden had taken Portugal to the finals.