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DARA OCINNEIDE: One more miracle left in Kerry

"It doesn’t matter what you do because it’s going to happen anyway."
-Leonard Cohen


DARA OCINNEIDE: Donegal and Kerry's Gaeltacht connection

It was the Conamara man who got me thinking about it after the second day of a seismic weekend of football at the tail end of last month.


DARA OCINNEIDE: Heroic Mayo deserve another crack

Where to start with that great big beast of a game? Best to start at the finish, and in the frantic moments that preceded it.

Paul Murphy, Kerry, in action against Michael Conroy, Mayo. Picture: Pat Murphy / SPORTSFILE

DARA OCINNEIDE: Moment of destiny for Mayo’s bid to continue pilgrimage

The fact it’s Kerry providing the opposition in Croke Park is a huge motivating factor for Mayo to show their maturity andreadiness for battle


DARA OCINNEIDE: Discipline and humility keep driving Dublin

It’s only when you observe inevitable wars of attrition, such as that we seem destined for in the first quarter-final at Croke Park this evening, that you fully appreciate what this Dublin team have brought to the game these past two seasons.