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DARA OCINNEIDE: Donegal and Kerry's Gaeltacht connection

It was the Conamara man who got me thinking about it after the second day of a seismic weekend of football at the tail end of last month.


DARA OCINNEIDE: Heroic Mayo deserve another crack

Where to start with that great big beast of a game? Best to start at the finish, and in the frantic moments that preceded it.

Paul Murphy, Kerry, in action against Michael Conroy, Mayo. Picture: Pat Murphy / SPORTSFILE

DARA OCINNEIDE: Moment of destiny for Mayo’s bid to continue pilgrimage

The fact it’s Kerry providing the opposition in Croke Park is a huge motivating factor for Mayo to show their maturity andreadiness for battle


DARA OCINNEIDE: Discipline and humility keep driving Dublin

It’s only when you observe inevitable wars of attrition, such as that we seem destined for in the first quarter-final at Croke Park this evening, that you fully appreciate what this Dublin team have brought to the game these past two seasons.


DARA OCINNEIDE: Meathness not enough to derail Dublin

Of all the commodities Meath need to bring to the game in Croke Park tomorrow, their Meathness is by far the most important.


DARA OCINNEIDE: We need a shock to the system

The format and fairness of the All-Ireland Football Championship comes into sharp focus on weekends such as this.