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DARA O'CINNEIDE: It’s time Derry stopped playing the blame game

In the seven weeks since their last competitive game (a six points defeat against Armagh), have Derry come up with something that will put Tyrone on the back foot?


DARA O'CINNEIDE: Boys of summer ready for championship take-off

If the bookies are to be believed, and if the Allianz League is to be as trusted as a barometer, we may as well tell Dublin not to bother handing back Sam this summer...

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DARA O'CINNEIDE: Kerry invention can counter Dublin’s chameleons

If there was one lesson Kerry learned from their tussles with the Tyrone team of the last decade it was no two games are ever the same against a great rival and in order to come out on the right side of the tie, the game must be played without fear.


DARA O'CINNEIDE: Roscommon learning but Kerry have moved on

‘We want them to be the cleverest little team of all time with the ball in hand. And we have been working on that day in and day out’.

— Kevin McStay, St Brigid’s manager November 2012


DARA O'CINNEIDE: Paul Murphy has become Kerry's Winston Wolf

The Rathmore dynamo quietly goes about his business, putting out fires and solving problems for Kerry manager Eamonn Fitzmaurice, writes Dara Ó Cinnéide.


DARA O'CINNEIDE: GAA need benevolent dictator to bring meaningful change

“Whatever happened to him? He was a great minor.”