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BRENDAN OBRIEN: Irish cricket set for golden age after Indian summer

You may or may not have heard the news about Cricket Ireland’s rather stunning sponsorship coup earlier this week.

Eoin Reddan

BRENDAN OBRIEN: Reddan won’t be looking over his shoulder for rising stars

The first interpro of the rugby season slides into focus on Friday as Connacht host Leinster but Eoin Reddan won’t be paying any heed to the familiar subplots comparing rival players and their Test place chances.

Eamon McGee

BRENDAN OBRIEN: McGee: Attitude right to take care of ‘unfinished business’

Eamon McGee just couldn’t take it anymore.

Paul Durcan

BRENDAN OBRIEN: Durcan hoping to steer Donegal into winning position again

Ask Paul Durcan what swung the All-Ireland semi-final against Dublin in favour of Donegal and he will plump for what he terms his side’s "exceptional attacking play", but the goalkeeper was the lead character in the passion play’s seminal moment.


BRENDAN OBRIEN: Clubs stranded between a rock and a hard place

The changing names of those clubs filling out the fixtures and tables are to be welcomed on the basis that change is not to be feared.

Jim Gavin - dignified in defeat

BRENDAN OBRIEN: The angry approach to management

If the last week has shown us anything — and we say this without any intended pun regarding the coming All-Ireland hurling final between Kilkenny and Tipperary — it is that there is more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to the tricky business of managing a team.


BRENDAN OBRIEN: Little to stir the blood in lifeless affair

That’s that, then. The last box finally ticked after eight largely forgettable friendlies that yawned across the course of 10 interminable months, in four different countries and against opposition from three continents.

James O'Donoghue

BRENDAN OBRIEN: Mayo must find an antidote to Kerry viper O’Donoghue, suggests Brendan O'Brien.

Just over three weeks ago, James Horan sat in Hotel Ballina’s Ox Room and dished out quotes ahead of last Sunday’s All-Ireland semi-final against Kerry with all the usual boxes being ticked before journalists, players and coaches went their separate ways into the still balmy night.

Ireland boss Martin O'Neill: Facing a very real task to qualify for Euro 2016

BRENDAN OBRIEN: It’s time for new heroes to stand up for Boys in Green

Last June one year, a Scottish team replete with journeymen pros without a win in any of the six competitive games they had played up until then in their World Cup qualifying campaign, travelled to Zagreb and came away with a 1-0 win against the world’s then fourth-highest ranked side.

Ger Cunningham

BRENDAN OBRIEN: Cunningham defends JBM’s ‘fantastic record’

Three days on and the soul-searching continues.


BRENDAN OBRIEN: Go get a look at Magali’s try, it was simply magnifique

If you have yet to see Magali Harvey’s try for Canada against France in Wednesday’s second Women’s World Cup semi-final then all that can be said is get thee to a computer or a smartphone ASAP. This story is enriched with multi-media content


BRENDAN OBRIEN: Rugby’s continued growth shows no sign of stopping

Sports journalists, like the people they write or talk about, are creatures of habit. It’s human nature to lean on the familiar, of course, but this job sure does reinforce that point.

Rob Heffernan: To receive bronze for 20km walk at the 2010 European Championships after Russian Stanislav Emelyanov found guilty of doping offences.

BRENDAN OBRIEN: A beneficial, if depressing, week for Irish athletes

Last April one year, Carol Sharp picked up the phone in Edinburgh and put a call through to her daughter Lynsey in the United States.


BRENDAN OBRIEN: Commonwealth could do with a rub of the green

Should Ireland ever commit to the Commonwealth again, it would only be to the benefit of its sports men and women in the 26 counties, smack bang in the middle of every Olympic cycle

FACE-OFF: Conor McGregor and Diego Brandao up close and personal during yesterday's open workout ahead of tomorrow's UFC featherweight bout at Dublin's O2. Picture: Dan Sheridan/Inpho

BRENDAN OBRIEN: Combination of glitz and combat irresistible to many

Conor McGregor has a different perspective than most when it comes to what the Irish sporting public holds close to its heart.


BRENDAN OBRIEN: Bewilderment in Brazil as Germans issue reality check

Three days on and the images from Belo Horizonte that stick in the mind are not those of David Luiz’s Sideshow Bob- standing-on-a-rake routine, nor Germany’s seven wonders, but instead it’s the youngsters and grown men crying in the stands.


BRENDAN OBRIEN: It turns out the men in black are just like us after all

Hard to believe, but it’s 25 years since David Elleray, the Harrow headmaster who spent his Saturdays admonishing a very different class of brat, was wired for sound for ITV’s World In Action programme on a First Division game between Millwall and Arsenal at the old Den.