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BRENDAN O'BRIEN: Ireland crying out for invention so it is time to be bold

If modern sport has taught us anything it could be the maxim more doesn’t always mean better. In terms of quality, that is, not money. Sport being the global mega-business it is means the urge to expand is just as inherent and relentless as in every other branch of capitalism, but it is rarely a case of everyone being a winner.


BRENDAN O'BRIEN: Rules don’t apply for bad boys like Mario Balotelli

Correct us if we’re wrong here, but isn’t football’s silly season supposed to peter out once the season actually starts? Not so, it seems. Here we are with three games gone in the Premier League and the fluff is still overshadowing the important stuff. It’s almost as if a media that had to rely on the mad and mundane for the off-season finds itself unable to kick the habit.

Damien Delaney: Asked some relevant questions on his Instagram page.

BRENDAN O'BRIEN: Delaney asks the real question on future of Irish game

There has been a trend developing in football, or soccer, or whatever you call it yourself, whereby multi-million pound players leaving big clubs for other big clubs tweet or Instagram or communicate in some other new-fangled way their gratitude to the fans and the institution they are leaving behind.


BRENDAN O'BRIEN: Nitpicking with rulebook over McCann affair discredits GAA

Nothing can prepare for you for your first glimpse of Garvaghy.

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BRENDAN O'BRIEN: Gap isn’t just widening, it’s ballooning

This is the 15th year in which we have had qualifiers and an All-Ireland quarter-final stage and results in the last eaight seasons alone combine to paint a very depressing backdrop, writes Brendan O’Brien


BRENDAN O'BRIEN: TG4 shows how to get ahead in advertising game

There have been all sorts of gloomy predictions about the fate of the advertising industry in a modern world where nobody can be bothered sitting through a 30-second ad on a smart phone or tablet, never mind the five interminable minutes it takes for a TV break.


BRENDAN O'BRIEN: Take it from Joique Bell - ‘It’s not working hardest, it’s working smartest’

Joique Bell’s arms stretch behind his head as if pulled by an individual rope.


BRENDAN O'BRIEN: Pack down for long hard rugby road ahead

SO, how was your summer?


BRENDAN O'BRIEN: Amateur dramatics or not, testing is here to stay

As sure as night follows day, you knew it was coming, writes Brendan O’Brien


BRENDAN O'BRIEN: European Games in Baku promises to be a step into the unknown

You’ve gotta love June: it’s always been a month to savour for those sports fiends among us equally blessed and cursed with a varied palate.

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