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BRENDAN OBRIEN: Commonwealth could do with a rub of the green

Should Ireland ever commit to the Commonwealth again, it would only be to the benefit of its sports men and women in the 26 counties, smack bang in the middle of every Olympic cycle

FACE-OFF: Conor McGregor and Diego Brandao up close and personal during yesterday's open workout ahead of tomorrow's UFC featherweight bout at Dublin's O2. Picture: Dan Sheridan/Inpho

BRENDAN OBRIEN: Combination of glitz and combat irresistible to many

Conor McGregor has a different perspective than most when it comes to what the Irish sporting public holds close to its heart.


BRENDAN OBRIEN: Bewilderment in Brazil as Germans issue reality check

Three days on and the images from Belo Horizonte that stick in the mind are not those of David Luiz’s Sideshow Bob- standing-on-a-rake routine, nor Germany’s seven wonders, but instead it’s the youngsters and grown men crying in the stands.


BRENDAN OBRIEN: It turns out the men in black are just like us after all

Hard to believe, but it’s 25 years since David Elleray, the Harrow headmaster who spent his Saturdays admonishing a very different class of brat, was wired for sound for ITV’s World In Action programme on a First Division game between Millwall and Arsenal at the old Den.

Dublin manager Jim Gavin

BRENDAN OBRIEN: Can Kerry challenge the Blue Wave?

Thursday morning, Dublin. It’s early. Way too early.

England boss Roy Hodgson

BRENDAN OBRIEN: England no longer expects the Three Lions to roar

It’s time again to dust off the joke book and dig up those old enmities.


BRENDAN OBRIEN: FAI facing tough task to put Ireland centre stage again

We are the boys in green


BRENDAN OBRIEN: O’Driscoll’s incredible work ethic is what made his legend

David Campese has uttered the odd verbal gaffe in his time, but the Wallaby legend was prescient enough to foresee the direction rugby was already taking when he announced his formal retirement from the game back in 1999 after one of the most wondrous of careers.


BRENDAN OBRIEN: Chasing Paralympic dream as Rio revelry appears over the horizon

Luis Suarez’s injury. Italy training in a sauna. Leighton Baines’ reading habits.


BRENDAN OBRIEN: Why the soul no longer stirs to the Samba beat

For almost 50 years BBC’s Grandstand show defined Saturday afternoons in the UK and it came to do something similar here in Ireland for many of us once the signal for the British channels began to be picked up beyond the east coast.