Jimmy Harte: Senator failed to show for vote

Government suffers Seanad defeat as Labour members fail to show up

The Government suffered its first embarrassing defeat in the Seanad last night as Labour senators failed to turn up for a vote on proposed changes to upward-only rents.


Scrapping Seanad will not improve governance

HOW will the brave new world look? If the opinion polls are correct, the Seanad will be voted out of existence on Friday.


Government wants more power in fewer hands

Can we trust them? That is the question that voters need to ask themselves as they consider their vote in the Seanad referendum.


Kenny’s failure to debate rankles

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has promised if the Irish people vote to abolish one half of the Houses of the Oireachtas this coming Friday, the “radical” Dáil reforms he has initiated will more than make up for the future lack of debate following the “Silence of the Seanad”.